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A sense of security is one of our basic needs. Unfortunately, these days it is quite often threatened, even when we are in our own home.

We constantly hear about burglaries, thefts, destruction of property or poisoning of pets. There is one proven way to deal with this – monitoring. Its installation allows us to feel safe, and in the case of a burglary or other threatening incidents, track down the criminal faster. Often, the very installation of monitoring acts as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Of course, on the market we can find many modern technologies that allow us to feel at home like a fortress. Cameras, entrance doors with fingerprint readers, anti-burglary roller blinds, motion sensors or alarms that are correlated with special applications installed in our smartphones. Unfortunately, their installation is really expensive and can cost up to tens/hundreds of thousands. However, if you care about ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones, you don’t have to overpay at all.

In fact, the cost of a decent monitoring system including installation does not even have to exceed 3 thousand zlotys. These types of simple systems are great for observing the house and the property belonging to it. Of course, we can also find other cheaper substitutes, but the lower price is usually associated with lower quality of recording or other shortcomings. In this case, we need to review our needs and expectations ourselves, and then make a final decision. 

Home monitoring system

A simple monitoring system, ideal for the needs of a single-family home, includes: DVR, disk, power supply, cables and, of course, cameras. Such a set can be bought online for as little as about 2 thousand zlotys. If you know a little about it, you can install it yourself, otherwise it’s better to trust professionals and have the work done. However, we have to reckon with the fact that the installation, including connection and set-up, may cost an additional thousand or so.

What kind of cameras to choose? 

The cost of the entire installation mainly depends on the number and quality of the cameras you decide on. The most recommended are IP cameras, providing high image quality, as well as weather resistance.

Another decision to make is the shape of the camera. Here you can choose from, for example, dome models or traditional ones. Depending on your needs, you can also decide on the method of recording, or rather the built-in lens. Here you can bet on wide-angle and narrow-angle cameras. The first ones happen to distort the image a bit, which will be avoided in the second model. It is also worth choosing cameras that have a motion sensor in them, an illuminator or infrared vision. The motion sensor will save disk space, recording those moments when something in the field of view of the camera moves. An illuminator or infrared will be perfect at night, when visibility is poorer for obvious reasons. 

An important parameter will also be the resolution in which the videos will be recorded. Obviously, the higher, the better. With high resolution, it will be easier to recognize the attacker’s face or read the license plate numbers of his car. They also perform better at night, having no problem recording a clear image even from a distance of 50-60 meters. FULL HD cameras are recommended. Their average price is about $110. 

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