New generation garage doors

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Which gate to the garage? What should be taken into account when choosing a particular model? It is well known that the garage is the place where we not only keep the car but also the necessary equipment and tools. Therefore, it is worth that the garage gate is not only durable and well protected against burglary, but also characterized by functionality

What should be the garage door?

First of all, this security should be characterized by adaptation to our needs. It is known that the architecture of the garage may be more conducive to certain solutions. The gate can be sectional, roller or tilt – we will choose a different one for the room where one car is parked and a completely different one for two cars.

What else is important when we choose a garage door?

The garage door should also be equipped with the appropriate quality of acoustic and thermal insulation. The parameters concerning heat insulation of garage doors are becoming more and more demanding. This is important especially when the garage is directly connected to the house

Garage door design

Usually such products are offered in a large number of designs and textures, where less choice is among colors. In this case, brown, white and silver dominate. Sometimes a door is built into the surface of the garage door in order to make it better suited to specific customer requirements. Here you can also indicate smooth, embossed or corrugated models. Some of them are also equipped with a fanlight.

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What types of gates do we have on the market?

The most common are:

  • overhead sectional gates,
  • side sectional doors,
  • up-and-over doors,
  • roller doors.

What are the characteristics of a safe garage door?

The characteristics of a garage and the fact that a car and smaller, but potentially valuable equipment are stored there, favours burglaries of a robbery nature. Here we distinguish as many as six security classes from RC1 to RC6. Those with the highest number is the most difficult to overcome. Such systems as photocell are used here to protect the users themselves e.g. from being hit by the gate. In addition, modern gates are equipped with an automatic disconnection system. Its task is to retract the wing when it encounters an obstacle. The function of a soft stop can also be useful, which will prevent the leaf from hitting the floor

Garage door automatics – it decides about their modernity

Nowadays it is difficult to talk about modern gates without automatic control. In practice, this type of systems have already become very widespread and it is the details that decide whether you use the top or standard solutions. The gate on the remote control has numerous advantages: not only do not get wet when opening it in the pouring rain, but also it will be harder to undermine it and break into the interior. It is important for its proper functioning is the proper selection of the system for the size and weight of the door.

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What does a garage door operator consist of?

  • an actuator;
  • the control system

The system that directs the gate first of all requires periodic inspection and maintenance. There is a lot to take care of, because it is estimated that the drive is worth ⅓ of the entire cost of a garage door. It includes:

Garage door dimensions

When buying a garage door, it is very important to choose well the most important dimensions. In fact, we must do this both in the case of a gate with an operator, as well as a traditional, manually opened. These include:

  • the size of the car or cars;
  • it is important to choose a garage door large enough to allow trouble-free entry into the garage;
  • the dimensions of the garage itself;
  • the dimensions of the entry lumen.
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