Choosing patio windows for an energy-efficient home

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An energy-efficient home is a place that is not only friendly to the planet, but also to your finances. With properly selected windows you can save on heating, air filtration and humidity control. Will energy efficient windows help you to do it?

When building modern houses, more and more attention is paid to the functionality of individual elements – even woodwork. You will not have to give up a lot of glazing and terrace doors if you bet on products with adequate insulation parameters

What are energy efficient windows?

Energy efficient windows are products that more and more people reach for. This is not surprising – during the construction of a house it is worth investing in solutions, which will later increase the ergonomics of the rooms and reduce the bills

Energy-saving windows are called such windows that meet 3 conditions – the profiles have a specific thermal insulation (no more than 1.1), the glass has a thermal transmittance Ug at a maximum level of 0.7, and the spacers are made of stainless steel or plastic. Often the panes are also covered with a thin layer of precious metals, whose task is to reflect energy in the form of heat back to the interior of the room

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Energy-efficient windows, thanks to extremely effective insulation, allow you to maintain a constant temperature inside – in winter the air is heated, in winter cooled. Thanks to this the bills for heating and air conditioning are significantly reduced, which gives measurable benefits to this investment

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Choosing windows – what other factors to consider?

Smart features

If you dream of a smart home, you can start with the windows! You will need to install special sensors that will connect to WiFi and an app. This will allow you to remotely control your windows and program them with special functions, such as closing on their own in the evenings, opening when the interior temperature exceeds a certain level, or closing when the weather conditions are unfavorable. Thanks to intelligent windows you will save on heating and you will be sure that your house is always safe


The more airtight the windows are, the less noise comes inside. However, it is worth checking the markings carefully before making a decision – the soundproofness is marked with the Rw symbol. The higher the coefficient, the greater the window tightness. This parameter is extremely important especially if we choose terrace windows for a house by a busy street, in a city or we simply value peace and quiet


When choosing windows you should take into account the type of ventilation used in the house. Gravity ventilation works on the principle of continuous circulation of air and spontaneous expulsion of “used” air through the chimneys based on pressure differences. However, for the necessary pressure difference to exist, it is necessary to have a constant – even small – access of fresh, cold air. In old buildings, the problem solved itself because the windows were usually leaky. However, with well-insulated, energy-efficient windows, the air circulation is interrupted. Therefore, ventilators should be installed. However, it is worth remembering that they will reduce the soundproofing of the windows


Although patio windows typically only open front-to-back, there are more and more products on the market that allow you to tilt and swing and even step the tilt. This is the most usable part of the window, as it is directly responsible for the range of use of the product


Functionality is important, but it must go hand in hand with aesthetics! Consider both the color of the frames and the material they are made of. Metal will not fit into interiors maintained in the scandi style, right? When building a house, it’s worth having a ready-made plan. Otherwise you will be choosing the style of arrangement for the woodwork, and not the other way round.

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