Wireless doorbell. What is worth knowing before buying?

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In this age of exceptional technological advances, everyone can feel comfortable in their home. All it takes is a few accessories and gadgets that will improve the ergonomics in every room to make the householder’s life more comfortable. Is a wireless doorbell one of them?

A doorbell is an essential piece of equipment for every apartment and house – especially if a wicket leads to it. Although it seems insignificant, replacing a non-functioning doorbell can be a nuisance, especially if you opt for a traditional, wired model with wiring. So it’s worth considering a wireless doorbell – they’re usually more expensive than traditional models, but they work flawlessly for up to several decades.

Wired and wireless doorbells – basic differences

As the name suggests, the main difference is the way of powering – traditional corded doorbells are powered by mains current which makes their installation definitely more difficult. You have to reckon with the necessity of connecting a cable installation between the receiver and the transmitter – and often it’s even a dozen or so meters.

If you don’t want to dig up your lawn or hide the cables from moisture, you’d better choose a wireless model. It’s worth remembering, however, that due to constant access to electricity, wired doorbells will never run out of power – their wireless receivers require a battery or rechargeable battery to be changed from time to time.

Types of wireless doorbells

Wireless doorbells, like their traditional counterparts, consist of a transmitter and a receiver – the former is placed outside the building or at the gate to the property, while the latter is placed inside the house. In case of large single-family houses, it is possible to place several receivers in the rooms so that the doorbell sound can always be heard.

Wireless doorbells use radio waves to transmit the signal from the transmitter to the receiver. On the market you can find kinetic models, which work by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, or battery operated models. For added security, you can also install wireless camera doorbells – by combining the transmitter and receiver with WiFi, you can remotely watch your guests ringing the doorbell. Some of these devices even come with a motion sensor.

What to look for before buying?

  • Operating range – it is a good idea to check the distance from the potential location of the transmitter to the place where the receiver is to be mounted. In single family houses usually bells with a range of 100 meters are sufficient, however more expensive models may operate even at a distance of 500 meters;
  • mounting method – most wireless doorbells can be mounted on a hook, screw or even adhesive tape!
  • weather resistance – transmitters have to cope with sudden temperature changes, frost, humidity, wind – i.e. extreme conditions. When buying a wireless doorbell it is worth paying attention to whether the housing thoroughly protects the internal parts of the product and in what temperature range it is recommended to use it;
  • volume – the doorbell should signal the arrival of guests, but without giving you a headache. It is therefore advisable to choose a model with adjustable volume.

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