Plastic Recycling Florida: Turning Trash into Treasure

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What if all plastic could be recycled? Then we probably would need smaller landfills, have more space to live in and have healthier oceans. Well, that’s just wishful thinking — or is it?

Plastic recycling is real in Florida. The state with the most sunny beaches, parks, and family fun is kicking butt in the fight against plastic pollution. So, let’s learn more about recycling plastic in Florida and see how companies like are making sure that is the reality.

The Importance of Plastic Recycling

From your drink bottle to the containers of your snacks — plastics are everywhere.

Courtesy? Convenience. However, this convenience does not come for free.

Millions and millions of tonnes are dumped into oceans and landfills every year. This is not only a risk to marine fauna but also to us.

That’s why we have to recycle plastics. But it’s not only about feeling good! Reducing waste can prevent plastic production, which in turn saves energy and decreases related greenhouse gas emissions.

How Plastic Recycling Works

There are multiple steps in the process of recycling plastics.

It all starts with collection. Domestic residents help collect plastics by separating them at the source and placing them in special containers. These are later on carried to recycling facilities.

Once at the factory, plastic is sorted by type and color. This is deemed necessary given that plastics do not melt at the same temperature nor possess the same properties. It is later cleaned, to eliminate any contaminants. Then, the plastic is shredded, melted and turned into pellets. The best part? These can be melted and molded again and again.

The Role of

A key player in plastics recycling Florida is Its mission is to help to save the environment by recycling discarded plastic. Located right in the heart of Florida, employs the latest recycling technology in its attempt to bring plastic back to life as much as possible.

Florida’s Initiatives in Plastic Recycling

Florida is doing its best to save plastic! In recent times, the state has made a series of moves to pump up their recycling percentage.

And you know what’s even cooler? The Sunshine State is teaming up with companies like to push these efforts even further.

Currently, only about 9% of plastics are recycled at all. The moment we all learn how plastics can be recycled and do our bit—we can start cruising towards a world free of plastic waste. So before you decide to throw away that plastic bottle, don’t forget that you are the orchestrator of change. Play your part in changing the world for the better!

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