How do you secure access to your home?

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Home is our refuge of safety and privacy. Everyone wants only invited people to enter their homes. The vision that someone unwanted will be in our living room, bedroom or bathroom sends a shiver down our spine. That is why we want to protect our home against burglars and other uninvited guests as effectively as possible. How to do it effectively? See for yourself!

The right locks and doors

The basic and most popular way to secure the entrance to your home from intruders is, of course, to install heavy doors and locks. Any obstacle that takes precious seconds away from a burglar is effective and at a premium. Some people choose to put on two doors, which can also be very effective protection. However, this is not always necessary. The most important thing to remember is that there are now very heavy, even armored, burglar-proof doors, in which the locks can be opened not only with a single turn of the key, but also, for example, with several keys used in a specific configuration. This means that even if someone has the keys to your house in their hands, by the time they figure out how to use them and how to open the door, they will either be caught or the police will have arrived on the scene

Both the plus and minus of houses is the privacy they provide. In a block of apartments you may hear your neighbor taking a bath or watching “1 of 10”, but if someone breaks into your apartment, the whole staircase will be interested in this event and will report it to the police. At home, however, you don’t have such close and direct contact with your neighbors, and the sounds are not carried by the echo with redoubled force – on the contrary, you can hear them much less in an open space

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Anti-theft systems

Although it’s still more popular in America, in Poland alarms and burglar alarm systems are starting to gain popularity among Poles. It is a convenient and effective way to protect yourself against burglary and the visit of uninvited guests. systems offer not only burglar alarms, which will inform you that someone is trying to get into your house, they will also report the burglary to the police and with a loud sound scare off the thief. On their website you can also find surveillance cameras, so you always know who is at your door and you won’t open your house thinking it’s a courier. You can also buy motion detectors there, which you can set up with your phone and track if something suspicious or potentially dangerous is happening under your house.

A very useful thing available on their site are intercoms with a camera that gives you the ability to view who is trying to get into your home. Let’s face it, most answers over the intercom are, “Open up” or “It’s me!” Through the speaker on the intercom handset, you can’t always recognize someone by their voice, putting you in a lot of danger by opening the door on such a password. With an overview on the intercom, you are always sure who you are opening the door to. It is also convenient because you can avoid unpleasant and annoying conversations with door-to-door salesmen, voice-overs or fraudsters trying to extort money. Such an intercom is an especially useful gadget for elderly people living alone, who often become easy prey for thieves and fraudsters and by their faith in people often buy low quality products from door-to-door salesmen for very high prices

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