Smart Garden 3D Models of Indoor Plants for Visualisation
Whether you’re a professional designer or just a hobbyist, you’ll learn how to make use of 3D models of plants to create stunning visuals. We will cover the advantages of using 3D models of plants for visualization and provide useful tips on how to choose the right plants 3D models for your needs. We’ll also discuss some of the best sources for finding high-quality 3D models of indoor plants.   Introducing the 3D Model 3D models of indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular among interior designers, visual artists, and architects. They provide an easy way to accurately visualize an indoor […]
Smart Garden Garden lighting integrated with an alarm
The term “smart” is used not only in the context of indoor home furnishings, but also with regard to garden lighting, which can be integrated with an alarm system.  Such a combination allows you to remotely control the various functions of the lamps, as well as provide security through sensors included in the technology. Learn more about garden lighting integrated with an alarm from us! What is smart lighting? As our homes and apartments become more and more “smart,” more interesting solutions are entering the market. Technology is creating entirely new possibilities in the reception of entertainment, but also affects […]
Smart Garden Swimming pool water heating – which solution to choose?
Heat pump, or maybe electric heaters or heat exchanger? These are examples of systems with which you will heat and maintain the water temperature of your choice. It would be hard to imagine swimming in a cold pool, so without heating, not a move. Check out the most popular systems! Why do you need to heat the water in the pool? A swimming pool in our own backyard is a dream for many of us. Once we manage to fulfill it, we must be aware that it will be necessary to heat the pool water. Why? First of all, the […]
Smart Garden How can we be smart in the garden?
Nowadays, smart homes no longer surprise anyone. So it’s no wonder that smart gardens are becoming more and more popular. How to design one? Contemporary construction differs significantly even from that of a few years ago. The same is true of gardens. Today rather few people plant trees and shrubs without prior thought. Everything works together. The idea of smart gardening also makes life easier. A smart garden – why is it worth it? Smart gardens really have many advantages. The main one is that the appropriate settings make everything somehow “manage itself”. Of course, according to a predetermined scheme. […]

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