Smart Home. Review of modern gadgets for the home

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Just two decades ago, smart home seemed like a futuristic concept. However, modern solutions designed to increase the ergonomics of apartments and houses are becoming increasingly popular

Smart home gadgets not only enhance the prestige of the interior, but also allow to save money – thanks to limiting water and electricity consumption. They help to increase the comfort of living and at the same time are based on ecological solutions. Each year they become more and more popular, so more people can afford them and become interested in them. You should be interested in them too!

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Speakers and multi-room

In the era of popularity of Spotify a regular radio is becoming obsolete. Are you annoyed that so far you could listen to music only in one room, where your phone was connected to the TV or audio equipment? Then you will love multi-room

Integrated sound systems allow you to listen to sound in every room equipped with speakers. Multiroom has more advantages than just multi-zone sound – you can program it to play a certain album or playlist at a certain time and your favourite radio show at another time. This means that instead of an annoying alarm clock on your phone, you can be greeted by your favorite song every morning! More sophisticated sound systems are linked to motion sensors – the sound only switches on when one of the household members is in the room and switches off when they move to another part of the house

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Lighting adapted to day, night and you

Everyone sometimes forgets to turn off the lights. There are also times when you have a full set of things in your arms and you don’t have a free hand to turn on the switch. In a smart home you can say goodbye to such problems

Integrated lighting, usually directed through an app, will save you money on your electricity bill. With a single click, you can turn off the lights in all rooms when you leave the house – you can be sure that no night light is burning in vain. Just like a sound system, smart lighting can be integrated with motion sensors that give you a signal when to turn the lights on or off. Combining smart lighting with twilight sensors has also been making waves in recent years – the light automatically adjusts its saturation according to the time of day or night

Water-saving irrigation

Saving water has never been easier than with smart home systems. You can save a fortune just watering your garden – and the ecological side of your conscience will stay clear, too. A smart garden irrigation system accumulates rainwater and uses it to water your plants

You choose the time when the sprinklers are activated – you don’t even have to be at home! Additionally, the irrigation system can be connected to a weather station. In case of forecasted rainfall it will adjust the amount of water used to the plants’ needs

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Flood sensors

A burst pipe is every homeowner’s nightmare. In case of a large leak not only will you pay high water bills, but there is also a high probability of damaging the structural elements of the house – and this generates huge costs. Special flood sensors in the smart home cut off the water supply as soon as a leak is detected to minimize the damage

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Presence simulation

This system will especially appeal to those who value the security of their home. Based on the collected data – such as when we turn on the TV, where the lights are on most often, in which rooms we listen to music – the smart home can simulate our presence at home. This is supposed to deter potential thieves who, seeing the curtains moving or the blinds closing, will not guess that the household members have left and the house is an easy target

A smart home can simulate the presence of the occupants in a very reliable way, turning on the lights or playing loud music, of course, according to the natural behavior of the occupants. You no longer have to worry about the security of your home while you are on vacation – smart home systems will do it for you.

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