Home alarm. What should you consider?

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Nowadays, an alarm is an absolute necessity. There are hundreds of models available on the market. What should be taken into account when choosing it?

How to choose an alarm?

An effective alarm is a well-chosen alarm. This is the most important rule. There is no single model which will universally protect each house against thieves. For an alarm to be effective, it must be individually matched to a given facility. When choosing it you have to take into account factors such as location, neighborhood and most importantly building architecture. To a large extent it is responsible for the safety of our house.

Professional advice

The basis for choosing an alarm is a proper assessment of the above-mentioned factors. This task should be entrusted to a professional company because assessment of risk factors requires expertise and experience. The bare minimum for an effective alarm is a function that includes protection of doors and windows at risk of intrusion and motion detection in rooms that can be accessed from the outside.

It is good to choose a security model that, in addition to signaling the alarm with sirens, will remotely transmit information about activation of the alarm (for example, in an SMS message

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