Smart home – ways to control lighting

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Smart homes are an increasingly popular solution. Modern technologies greatly improve everyday life and often allow you to save money. What are the ways to control light?

Lighting at home is extremely important. In the past in the rooms there was a chandelier, to some lamp standing in the corner and that’s all. Today, interiors look completely different. Illuminated ceilings, cabinets, floors – ideas and possibilities are plenty. Light allows you to create a unique atmosphere of the interior, adds ambience, and thus – improves the comfort of those who stay in it. 

What is lighting control?

Control of lighting is possible thanks to radio transmission of signals. In a smart home special transmitters and receivers. They allow you to control lamps or light fixtures. We can manage everything thanks to the application. The program is so simple that you do not need to be an expert in new technologies to cope with everything. So you can turn the light on and off using a smartphone or tablet. There are also sensors that respond to movement.

Plan smart lighting control beforehand

If we dream of a smart home, it’s best to plan such solutions even during construction. However, implementing them later is also possible, although slightly more difficult and may involve higher costs. During construction you can easily introduce cabling, which will be needed in the future to control intelligent lighting. 

Different types of lighting

Lighting can be divided into main lighting, decorative lighting and spot lighting. The first is located in the main part of the house, usually on the ceiling (chandelier, etc.). Decorative, on the other hand, provides a unique atmosphere and scenery for the entire interior. This is usually the illumination of the ceiling, cabinets, sculptures, etc. Local lighting, on the other hand, illuminates a designated area, such as a kitchen countertop. 

Lighting in the smart home can be arranged in different ways

Smart home owners usually create different arrangements, also called scenes. For example, the main light turns on when someone enters the room and turns off after they leave. Spotlights, on the other hand, are turned on at certain times of the day – most likely in the evenings. Such scenes can be created independently, according to your tastes. The idea is to make people who live in a smart home happy and feel more comfortable. 

Lighting can also be dimmed frequently. For example, in the early evening, when we do something, it can shine more intensively, in turn, in the evening, when we watch something on TV – the light dims, leaving a soft glow. This can be adjusted on a tablet or smartphone, there is no need to set fixed hours, which would not be very practical.

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