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The development of technology makes more and more smart devices applicable in our home. In addition to factors that improve the level of our security or automated lighting, often installed gadgets are smart intercoms

The main task of a smart intercom is still opening doors, gates or entry gates for newcomers, but modern devices are richer in new functionalities. Learn about all the features of smart intercoms and check the benefits of installing such a device in your home

Smart intercoms allow us to observe the environment around our house or apartment remotely, so we don’t even have to be physically present nearby. Image recording or motion sensors make us feel safer and more secure. Simply uploading a card with a large enough memory to the intercom system will give you more control over who is loitering near your property. Check what other functions and usefulness this device has and whether it is worth having it in your house.

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How does a smart intercom work?

Do you hate it when a stranger hangs around your house? Do you want to have an accurate view of who wants to enter your home? An intercom enriched with additional features can definitely cope with these tasks. Although the main task of this device is still to open the door to guests after verifying their identity, the new models have plenty of enhanced settings and security features

The novelty is certainly that smart intercoms have video cameras and screens for displaying images. This allows us to not only hear the voice of the person who rings our doorbell, but also to see them in detail.

Controlling the intercom

Another advantage of an intercom using new technology is the ability to control it from anywhere in the world. The device is connected to the Internet, so we can view the peephole on our phone, regardless of where we are

Smart intercoms give us the opportunity to connect them with other devices that make up the smart home system. Often to manage them are dedicated special applications that also include access to the functionality of a smart viewfinder. Some models even allow us to talk to the person calling our door when we are not at home. This is an increasingly popular solution in our country

Other features of a smart intercom

  1. Personalization – More and more devices in our homes are being customized to the individual needs of its inhabitants. A smart intercom system can be programmed according to our guidelines and preferences.
  2. Fingerprint reader – Hate remembering consecutive passwords and codes? A smart intercom can be activated with a fingerprint reader. This is a great innovation that will allow you to enter your home or apartment even faster
  3. Connection with motion sensors and lighting Another feature that will definitely improve our living comfort is connecting the intercom with the lighting system. By integrating motion sensors, placed at the entrance, with smart bulbs, the light will turn on after we enter the house. It is also possible to program the speakers so that when we enter the house our favourite music is played
  4. Saving images and video from before entry on a memory card Intercoms equipped with artificial intelligence can save photos and even videos showing the environment near our door or entrance gate. This is definitely an element that significantly improves the security of the homeowners

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