Smart garage doors. Advantages and disadvantages

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People who have a single-family home often also have a garage where their cars are parked. A convenient solution is to use an automation system. With this, the garage door usually opens with the push of a button on a remote control that is attached to the keys. Many devices use artificial intelligence in their systems, so the garage door becomes one of the elements of the smart home system. These types of solutions increase the safety of homeowners. Check out the pros and cons of installing a smart garage door.

The intelligent gate is a device that significantly facilitates the use of the garage. It is an accessory that is great for any household that has one or more cars. How does an intelligent garage door differ from a traditional remote control door? Certainly by the fact that in addition to the function of closing and opening gate leaf has additional, very practical functions. The smart system, which modern gates are equipped with, allows for maintenance-free switching on and off the light in the garage

In addition, we can set the device so that at the time of our entry into the house the front door opens automatically. This will avoid the situation that we can not find the keys that are necessary to get inside. The innovation of this solution even allows you to combine the garage door closing system with electrical appliances that will be automatically turned off when we leave the house. With a smart garage door, some of the responsibilities are taken off our shoulders. This is a great example that shows how new technologies can make our lives easier

Smart garage door – a great investment or a pointless gadget?

Advantages of smart garage doors

Smart garage doors have a lot of pluses. This is a modern solution and tailored to the needs of single-family home owners. This type of device is distinguished by high intuitiveness, so they are easy to use systems that significantly increase the comfort of using the garage. First of all, this type of garage door, apart from automatic opening and closing, has many additional functions and applications. In addition to the possibility of connecting the gate with other home devices such as lighting or central locking, we can give access to it to people from outside whom we trust. Thanks to this our friends or close neighbors will be able to enter our house during our absence. It is also an interesting option to provide access to tools for the person who takes care of the garden in our house

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For many people, an undoubted advantage will be the fact that the gate can be controlled by cell phone or tablet. For some people, this will be a great way to automate, while others will prefer to stay with a traditional remote control

Disadvantages of smart garage doors

Garage doors also have a few weaknesses. One of them is the mandatory internet access so that we can manage the device from our smartphone. Even if we can open and close the gate using the appropriate app on our phone it is still a good idea to have a spare remote control in the car. Installation of intelligent gate is more complicated and time-consuming. In addition to the wing and guides, we need to provide photocells, additional remote controls and control devices. To take full advantage of the potential of this modern device, it should be associated with other accessories placed in our house, such as intelligent lighting, lock or alarm system. This is a relatively new solution, so for the moment it is quite an expensive investment. Lack of proper synchronization of devices can cause failures that often require the arrival of technicians.

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