Garage alarm. Which one to choose?

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Garage is the place where we store our car, motorcycle and various valuable equipment. How to protect the equipment against uninvited guests? Which garage alarm is worth buying? Let’s check it!

Why is it worth buying a garage alarm? Advantages of an alarm installation

The safety of our property provides mental peace. An ideal way to protect vehicles and valuable items stored in the garage is an alarm system. Modern alarms can notify us of a threat not only by means of a loud siren that will scare off intruders and draw the attention of neighbors, but also by means of SMS notifications or voice notifications to a telephone, thanks to which we will know of an attempt to break into a garage even when we are not at home. Thanks to the installation of an alarm system we can go on vacation without worrying about our possessions.

Let us remember to use the offer of a reputable company that produces this type of equipment. Only then will we be sure of the system’s reliability. It is worth investing in equipment from a higher price range, especially if we store very valuable items, vehicles and equipment in our garage.

What does a standard alarm system consist of?

The basis of functioning of every alarm system is its control panel which collects and processes signals from other devices that serve given points. Another element is alarm sensors that detect a threat. Manufacturers offer us motion and presence detectors, magnetic reed switches, flood detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors or break sensors (useful when burglars will try to get in through a window). An important part of every alarm system is also a signaling device (acoustic, acousto-optic), commonly called an alarm siren. Some systems are also equipped with cameras of different resolution (the number is selected individually). The last element is the keypad – a small device used for disarming the alarm system. In case of modern systems it is often just an application for a telephone, which can be conveniently controlled.

As you can see, we can easily select an alarm set for a garage or a house tailored to our needs.

Which alarm system for a garage should I choose?

In order to extend the protected area (house) with a garage, you can take advantage of the SATEL’s offer. For example, if you need an alarm system for a garage with a single window, you can choose

  • alarm system with elements connected by wires. This is a good solution if the garage is part of or adjacent to the body of the building and the residential part already has an alarm system;
  • alarm system with wireless devices intended for a garage located near the living quarters in case it is difficult to run wires to it from the control panel in the house;
  • an alarm system intended for a garage located further away from the house where the control panel is located. It can also be used as an independent system that works autonomously in relation to the alarm installed in the house. In this variant, the module with GSM communicator that notifies the owners of the property (house and garage) of an attempted burglary is ideal.

We hope that with our tips you will decide to invest in a good quality garage alarm system that is reliable and easy to use.

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