What is home assistance?

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Home Assistance, can prove to be a useful enhancement to any home or condo insurance package. It reduces stress by not having to search for the right specialist. It is worth learning a little more about it.

Home Assistance as an interesting extension

Home Assistance is an extension that allows the customer, with the help of the insurer, to find and hire a specialist needed to solve a particular problem at home. In case of pre-agreed problems or breakdowns, instead of delivering the full amount of compensation, a pre-paid specialist will be sent to the place, who will be able to repair the given equipment. Plumbers, electricians, and even IT specialists may be possible to hire. The amount that you have to pay to the cost of the insurance itself is a sum of 50 to 80 zł per year, so it is not relatively so much.

It is worth noting that each company may treat this package slightly differently. Most often, however, the composition of this service may include the repair of consumer electronics, home appliances, a visit to the plumber, locksmith, or electrician, medical assistance, or organizational, specialized care for children, the sick, and pets, bike service, and IT service. It is worth reminding that all these services have predetermined limits and restrictions. It is necessary to be aware of their existence, and for details ask a selected insurance company

Home Assistance – terms and conditions

The whole package of Home Assistance may not be available for purchase, if certain conditions are met that prevent given by a given insurance company. In the case of one it could be the use of explosives, running a business at the site of the incident, or attempted suicide. Another company will not take responsibility in a situation where a lock is replaced because of lost keys, medical services, according to the need to call an ambulance, the purchase of drugs, or costs, resulting from chronic diseases, or mental.

You can find out more about this at the following link: https://www.ubezpieczeniemieszkania.pl/artykuly/czym-jest-home-assistance-i-czy-warto-je-kupic

How to choose the right insurance?

Insurance can be purchased in different ways. There is the option of going to a particular insurance company, recommended by friends or family. There is also the most risky way of finding the company yourself. This may not be a good solution, because it is very easy to come across all kinds of scammers, or simply overpay, because of ignorance of the whole subject. The best way is to use a specially created website, which will be comparing the best offers, available only from a certain hand. The website https://www.ubezpieczeniemieszkania.pl works only with certain brands. With the help of a simple form, it is possible to choose offers in such a way as to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It is also worth mentioning that the policy purchased in this way is counted as the one needed to take a mortgage loan. So there is no more reason to worry about inaccuracies in this subject. In addition to Home Assistance, it is worth considering the selection of other interesting extensions, which to a large extent can help in many unpleasant situations. It should be remembered that the basic insurance consists only in the protection of walls and fixed elements

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