Wireless alarm system. How will it work in an apartment?

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Alarm system is a solution that allows to protect our property against intruders. Many people wonder whether wireless alarm is a good solution for an apartment in a block of apartments? Let us check!

Main advantages of wireless alarms

A wireless alarm is a set of intelligent components that protect your home against burglars. They are non-invasive, easy and quick to install and can be easily done by yourself (wired sensors need to be installed by a professional). Unlike wired alarm systems they do not require dirty work associated with the need to run wires in the walls. We can dismantle them just as quickly, so in this sense a wireless alarm is a mobile solution. We can use it temporarily in an apartment and when necessary move it to another location (e.g. a summer house, a caravan, a reliable boat). Wireless systems are very expandable. We can manage them using an intuitive application for smartphone or tablet.

Basic drawbacks of wireless alarms

What are the weaknesses of a wireless alarm system? Some disadvantages of this type of alarm include a limited range of detectors (so we must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the maximum distances when placing components in the apartment). An unquestionable disadvantage of a wireless alarm is also a higher cost than in case of classic wired systems. What else speaks against wireless system? This type of communication can be susceptible to interference caused, for example, by too thick walls or several walls that separate the sensors from the control panel. Wireless communication poses a risk of a hacking attack (of course, it is not easy to break into the system, but it is worth paying special attention to the type of security features of the alarm).

How much does a wireless alarm for an apartment in a block of apartments cost?

A basic alarm set of decent quality is an expense of around PLN 1000-2000. Considering the possible damage that burglars are capable of inflicting, it is not a large sum. The price depends, among others, on the number of detectors, technological solutions used, reputation of the producer and capacity of the battery which is an independent source of power for the wireless alarm system.

To sum up, a wireless alarm system is an ideal solution for an apartment – it does not require wiring, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and provides great opportunities for self-expansion. Remote communication between the detectors provides optimum protection of property, while the components operate independently of the electrical grid thanks to their batteries. Thanks to modern technologies we can be confident about our property, even if we are thousands of kilometers from the proverbial four corners!

We hope that thanks to our guide, the decision to choose the best alarm for your apartment will be much easier for you.

Main photo: Sebastian Scholz (Nuki)/unsplash.com

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