Wireless video intercom. Which one to choose?

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Are you thinking about buying an intercom? Wireless option equipped with a camera seems to be the most ergonomic solution. But what should you consider when choosing a video intercom?

Wireless intercoms with a camera are a device for the 21st century. Never again will you have to worry about the annoying sound of the intercom, getting up to the handset and wondering if you really let the letter carrier in – now you can see every face in the form of an image on the display

Miracle of technology or unnecessary addition?

Video intercoms are devices that can be installed in single-family homes as well as townhouses, apartments, and blocks of apartments. Single-family video intercoms have a very simple design – one cassette in front of the gate and one call button. Multi-family ones allow to contact many people. Just like an analog intercom, they have the option to select the apartment number you want to call

Although it may seem that the difference between a video intercom and a regular intercom with a handset is not colossal, after installing a wireless intercom with a camera in a house it quickly turns out that the household members cannot live without it. The biggest advantage of the video intercom is the increase of safety of the household members. The face of each person who wants to enter the property is displayed on the screen – there is no possibility of impersonating someone you are not

Options worth paying extra for

Video intercoms are not among the cheapest accessories, especially the most modern ones – controlled via an app or WiFi. However, taking into account such investment, it is worth considering increasing the budget and buying a model extended with very useful options, such as:

Call forwarding to a phone number

Modern video intercoms can redirect calls to a specified phone number of the homeowner. This means that the person standing at the gate, e.g. the letter carrier, despite the absence of household members can talk to one of them. This greatly facilitates communication in the case of unexpected visitors and urgent matters

Video recording

This requires built-in memory, but significantly increases the security of the household. Any person trying to enter the property will be digitally documented, and the recordings can be used as evidence in case of a possible burglary. This makes things easier for the police, will allow you to get your property back faster, and makes life more comfortable, especially if there are young children living in the house as well. Image recording can be combined with a motion sensor – so that the camera starts immediately when anyone appears near the gate

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Integration with indoor panels

Video intercom can be expanded by installing additional interior panels with cameras in each room. Thanks to this, the household members do not have to shout to each other from room to room – just press a button


You can program your video intercom so that the gate opens with a code. This may not be the latest technology that will thrill and shock you with its innovation, but this option really is very useful, especially when you find that you haven’t taken your keys with you

Possibilities of controlling a video intercom

A wireless WiFi video intercom (often called a video intercom with an app) allows you to coordinate your gate using an app installed on your phone. And although this solution is very convenient, because we can open the door even from the couch, we should take into account the potential problems. Any network failures in our home translate into temporary problems with the video intercom. Applications are also prone to take control by unauthorized people, who with its help can get into our home

The advantage of controlling the video intercom via an application is undoubtedly a remote control over what is happening in front of our gate. Equipped with appropriate sensors, the wireless intercom will send a notification of an open gate or detected movement. From the application you can also control the opening of the door and even the lighting of the gate.

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