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Shopping is an integral part of our lives. Some people love to walk between the shelves, but the vast majority would rather save time and make their everyday life easier. That is why we have prepared below a list of the most interesting and functional applications and platforms that will support you in planning purchases, but also help you save money. Read and check it out.

Blix Shopping Newsletters

Each of the most popular retail chains prepares special magazines for their customers, where you can find interesting products at attractive prices. However, paper newsletters are not always available in the store, and besides, building up piles of paper that are useless in the long run is an activity that many people would rather avoid. However, this does not mean that you have to give up on better prices. With the help of the Blix app, no bargain can slip past your nose. Browse real-time promotions from your favorite stores on your smartphone, add items to your shopping list, and enjoy lower prices.

Bring Shopping List

Making lists on small pieces of paper or writing out what you need on your smartphone notepad isn’t the most convenient thing to do. Make your life easier and install the Bring app on your phone. The program is very easy to use and attractively designed, which makes it easy to create virtual lists and share them with others via desktop or mobile internet. Thanks to it you will start to plan your shopping efficiently, co-creating it with your household members or roommates, which will significantly increase the comfort of your everyday life. Individual categories are updated on an ongoing basis, and changes are immediately visible on all phones.

Vinted – buy and sell comfortably

Your closet probably contains things you would like to exchange for more preferred outfits. These needs are addressed by the Vinted application, which connects customers and allows for exceptionally comfortable buying and selling of used clothes, shoes and other accessories. The platform is very popular because it gives a chance to refresh your closet by introducing new items and, moreover, it enables quick sale of the unnecessary ones. Download the application, create an account, take photos of the items you want to put up for sale, fill in the description and wait for contact from interested parties. At the same time browse through hundreds of trendy products and buy at great prices.

OLX – local classifieds

Do you dream of comfortably shopping from the armchair? Don’t wait and download the OLX application today. The platform is a wealth of various ads from all over Poland. You’ll find really everything – just go to the category you’re interested in or type in key phrases in the search engine. Browse endlessly, look at photos and verify descriptions. Easily contact sellers and buy the products you need at attractive prices. If you want, you can place free ads and sell unwanted items yourself.

ZEN – a versatile shopping app

The groundbreaking app allows you to integrate accounts and process payments instantly. In addition to comfort, ZEN also guarantees financial benefits. Using prepared links, buyers can receive up to 15% cashback and an additional year of warranty on selected products. The platform also significantly increases the level of shopping safety, providing users with comprehensive assistance in case of complaints.

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