Roof dormer. The way to light up the attic

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Attics are nowadays a fashionable and functional way to develop the space of the house to fit additional rooms.

However, such location in an inhabited space causes some problems. In addition to the issue of ventilation, difficulties with lighting are most often indicated. Is a roof dormer the right solution in this situation?

Lighting in the attic

When planning to use the attic for living space we should immediately take into account the issues of good lighting. This part of the house is particularly ungrateful in this respect because we are limited by slopes, structural elements and the shape of the roof itself.

Consequences of bad lighting in the attic

We must be aware of the consequences of inadequate lighting in the attic. After all, it is about us feeling good in the adapted rooms. Lack of light affects our mood. It can even lead to apathy, headaches and fatigue. Additionally, we should remember that lack of light will affect poor room positioning in the future.

What to do?

The simplest solution seems to be to insert a window. But the problem is that the cheapest solution in the form of facade windows is not always efficient enough. The options are skylights, skylights, and dormers.

What is a roof dormer?

A roof dormer is one of the ways to light up the interior. At the same time it is an architectural element which is a large modification of the roof shape

A dormer takes the shape of a superstructure. Its purpose is to raise the roof slope in such a way that a vertical wall is created – and in this wall there is a place for a regular window. Dormers can be either timber framed or built of masonry

There are the following types of dormers:

  • single-pitched,
  • pulpit,
  • triple-pitched roof,
  • gable roof,
  • triangular,
  • buffalo eye type.

Dormer construction

The most important elements for the construction of a dormer are the front wall, the side walls and the roof. The big problems with this roof architectural element are wall insulation and moisture protection. Remedying these difficulties is most important with a wooden dormer.

Roof Dormer Construction Advantages and Disadvantages

What advantages and disadvantages do dormers have? In which cases is it worthwhile to use this architectural element in a roof construction?

Dormer Construction Advantages

The main benefit of a dormer in the attic is the increased functionality of the window. With the large width of the dormer you get quite a large standing area. It is recommended to choose them especially for multi-slope roofs where the roof slope inclination is between 30 and 40 degrees. In such structures, dormers also look very aesthetically pleasing in terms of roof appearance

Roof Dormer Construction Disadvantages

What are some reasons why investing in a dormer may not be the best idea? First of all, dormers are definitely more difficult to construct. You will also pay more for their construction than for the installation of other elements for lighting. It is assumed that the cost of a dormer is about 3000 PLN. Keep in mind, however, that this is a typical gabled solution. For more complex structures we will have to pay extra.

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