Smart washing machines – how does it work?

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Washing machine is an indispensable part of any bathroom. Nobody can imagine life without clean clothes. And although washing seems to be a routine activity, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence – can become a real revolution.

A washing machine with artificial intelligence

Many brands specializing in the technology industry have released models of washing machines incorporating artificial intelligence software in recent years. The revolutionaries are, of course, Samsung and LG. What characterizes the washing machines of both companies is full automation and a number of available features that allow you to forget about reading the manual

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There is also no need to think about what washing and spinning program to choose or what optimal amount of detergent to pour into the drum of the washing machine – everything is fully intuitive. The washing machine automatically and precisely dispenses the washing liquid and fabric softener at the optimal time, additionally taking into account the size and type of load accordingly

Interestingly, companies, using deep learning technology in their washing machines, allow the washing machines to compare the collected information with about 20,000 data points. It is on this basis that the machine automatically selects the optimal settings for the laundry program. This allows not only to obtain the highest efficiency of dirt removal, but also to reduce damage to fabrics by up to 15 percent. In addition, what distinguishes the washing machines with artificial intelligence is the distinctive, somewhat cosmic design, emphasizing the innovation of the devices

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