Intelligent irrigation with weather response

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If we want to enjoy beautiful plants and a green lawn in the garden, we must remember about regular watering. An interesting solution are intelligent irrigation controllers – how much do they cost?

Traditional garden watering – a waste of time, energy and poor water management

Traditional, manual watering of plants and lawn once or even twice a day (during dry and hot periods) consumes a lot of time that could be spent in much more pleasant ways. This is tedious work, especially in the case of larger gardens with lots of different plantings. Fortunately, with the help of modern solutions such as intelligent automatic watering systems with a response to the weather, we can not only save time but also optimize water consumption in the household. According to experts, investing in this type of system can reduce water consumption by up to 50% compared to the traditional way of watering the garden! There is no question of wasting water here.

Automatic garden irrigation – advantages of the solution

Intelligent weather-responsive irrigation systems deliver water to plants using sprinklers, micro-sprinklers or a drip system. What is important, they work independently from us – we can leave for a few weeks without worrying about the state of the garden after returning home

Thanks to special rain sensors, the system itself doses the amount of water – depending on the current needs of plants. For example, in cooler and wetter days less water is provided, and in the period of intense rainfall the intelligent system completely stops watering, because the soil is then sufficiently hydrated. On the other hand, in hot weather the system delivers water in larger amounts. Thanks to this solution – sprinklers do not work unnecessarily, and we do not have to worry about the often fatal consequences of overwatering plants (also reduces the risk of disease).

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Intelligent irrigation controllers – a must for a modern garden

Automated garden irrigation system with weather sensors is a solution dedicated to every modern garden. The supply pipes are located under the surface of the property and the sprinklers are automatically pulled out only during operation, so the installation does not affect the aesthetics of our garden. While the drip line can be hidden under the gravel or pine bark.

How much does an automatic garden watering system cost?

Many people wonder what is the cost of buying and installing an intelligent plant watering system that analyzes the weather? Ordering the implementation of the automatic irrigation system to a professional company in the garden with an area of 800 – 1000 m2, we have to reckon with the expense of 10 000 – 15 000 PLN. Remember that the larger the garden, the lower the price. The total cost of investment is also affected by terrain and the type of water source. So these are approximate amounts to be taken into account in the budget.

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In conclusion, intelligent garden irrigation system with sensors that take into account the prevailing weather outside the window, is the ideal solution for every owner of a green nook who values his time, wants to optimally use water resources and is willing to use modern technologies.

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