Garden lighting integrated with an alarm

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The term “smart” is used not only in the context of indoor home furnishings, but also with regard to garden lighting, which can be integrated with an alarm system. 

Such a combination allows you to remotely control the various functions of the lamps, as well as provide security through sensors included in the technology. Learn more about garden lighting integrated with an alarm from us!

What is smart lighting?

As our homes and apartments become more and more “smart,” more interesting solutions are entering the market. Technology is creating entirely new possibilities in the reception of entertainment, but also affects the security or appearance of the property. It is to the latter group of products that smart lighting can be included.

It includes lamps controlled remotely, as well as alarms and monitoring. An important part of the operation of smart lighting integrated with an alert system are motion sensors. Which options are the best? Which products are worth paying attention to? You will find out from us!

Lighting combined with motion sensors

This is a standard solution that combines both lighting and an alarm system. The design of the system takes into account different types of lamps, as well as sensors that detect movement in the garden area. You can also use this system around the garage, entrance or driveway. 

The way it works is that without having to press any button, the lights turn on when motion is detected. They go out when the object disappears from the sensor field. It is worth mentioning that the parameters of operation can usually be freely controlled.

Another interesting feature is to set the house lights to imitate the presence of household members. By setting a schedule and selecting individual lamps, they will light up at a designated time in specific places. During an extended absence, for example, you can turn on the lights in the dining room, and activate the lamps on the porch next door.

Control of lighting connected to the alarm system

Thanks to smart technologies, controlling lighting is definitely simpler than before. Providers of such solutions offer both configuring settings from a panel located inside the property, as well as a remote control or peripherals, remotely.

This makes it so that you don’t have to be at home to turn garden lights and alarm systems on or off. The integration of these functions is incredibly useful in terms of ensuring security. What’s more, if you additionally opt for a monitoring system, you will not only be able to control the lights, but also have access to view the camera view from anywhere – just thanks to smart technologies.

Is garden lighting integrated with an alarm a good solution?

With the ability to configure your lighting and alarm system from one place, you can make your daily life in your home space much easier, as well as have control over what’s happening on your property. It is difficult to find major disadvantages of this system.

The only downside may be the high price of implementing the system. However, considering the possibilities offered by the integrated lighting and alarm system, it is worth opting for this solution. The price for the service of installing the system starts at around PLN 1,000 and depends on the components selected, as well as the desired area of operation of the garden lighting integrated with the alarm.

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