Amazon Alexa – who is it and what can it control?

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Amazon Alexa is an assistant that we can control with voice commands. It is a device that perfectly fits into the idea of Smart Home. It also interacts with many devices and makes it easier for us to use them.

Alexa – help!

Unfortunately, the application does not have the ability to control in Polish. We can control it in English and German. Fortunately, operation does not require perfect pronunciation. Alexa is connected to the home Wi-Fi, so it can also operate other objects connected to the same network. You activate it with a keyword, but the device works for 24 hours nonstop.

What will Alexa help us with?

Using questions or commands, Alexa will tell us what weather to expect on the weekend, turn on our music, help us turn off a lamp equipped with a smart bulb, close our outdoor blinds, control our TV or radio. The assistant also supports all other Smart Home devices.

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