Ways to heat your home ecologically

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More and more people want to live ecologically. As a result, we are more and more willing to implement eco solutions, which are aimed at caring for the surrounding environment. Also in terms of house warming we do not want to contribute to the production of harmful fumes, so more and more often we replace traditional coal stoves for other ways of heating the house. Ecological heating systems are cheaper and do not require much intervention on our part

Are you just building a house and are at the stage of choosing heating? This is a great time to learn about different alternatives to coal or electric powered boilers. If you have a furnace at home which you would like to replace with a more ecological one, it is worth knowing that currently in many municipalities you can get a grant for replacing the heating system within the Clean Air Programme. In the following article you will learn about ecological ways to heat your home

3 heating systems that are pro-ecological and environmentally friendly

Heat pump

A great way to heat your home is to invest in a heat pump. This device draws energy from the sun, water and the ground, so it can easily provide heat to your building at any time of the year. The pump is powered by environmental energy, so it is a completely environmentally friendly system. A huge advantage of this solution is the fact that the operation of the pump does not require human intervention. It is a maintenance-free device that does not require firing up or putting on the stove. The pump only needs to be connected to electricity. This is a completely safe solution. If the system is adjusted to the size of the building it can cover 100% of its heating energy needs. Although a heat pump is not the cheapest device, its installation will pay off quite quickly. It is worth knowing that there are many programs under which you can get funding to install a heat pump in your home

Solar collectors

The second solution, which is fully ecological and can reduce heating bills, are solar collectors. A system that uses solar energy to produce heat will work especially well in the summer and on sunny days. Therefore, this model can be a great addition to traditional forms of home heating such as using gas or electricity. Solar collectors do not take up space in the basement or garage, because they are mounted on the roof of the building. The cost of installation depends on the number of solar panels and the type of system you decide on. An investment in solar panels usually consumes between 6 and 13 thousand. This amount, as the manufacturers convince, will pay off after about 4-5 years of use. For this type of pro-ecological home heating system you can also get a subsidy or a loan from the municipality

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Pellet stoves

Another solution that is gaining in popularity every year is to install a pellet stove in your home. Pellet is a fuel of natural origin, which is the result of compression of sawdust from coniferous and deciduous trees. It is therefore an interesting form of recycling, the product of which is biofuel that can heat our home. It is worth knowing that pellet stoves do not produce fumes and substances harmful to the environment

They’re not maintenance-free like the previously mentioned heat pumps or solar panels, but cleaning is easy and doesn’t require as much effort as cleaning the sludge from coal. In addition, the pellets burned in the stove can be reused in the home garden. It fertilizes the soil, so it is great as a natural fertilizer for plants. Such a stove does not need to be fed several times a day – a big difference from devices powered by burning coal or wood. The pellets are poured into the stove once every few weeks

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