Smart lighting control. Switches on Wi-Fi

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Brighter, darker, white, yellow or colored light – among other things, these parameters can be freely set using a remote lighting control system.

In recent years, much has been said about intelligent houses. What is their phenomenon? First of all, it is about maximizing the functioning and improving the comfort and convenience of household members, while increasing safety and reducing costs, especially electricity bills, which are becoming increasingly higher.

Responsible for this are various systems and devices that can be freely controlled, usually using your smartphone or tablet – and not only when you are at home, but also many kilometers away. For example, we are able to control lighting (intensity and color), room temperature, or turn on and off devices connected to electrical outlets, or watch video from the monitoring.

Smart home systems used to be quite expensive and only a select few could afford them, but now their prices are much more affordable. It can be expected that the more people opt for them, the cheaper they will become.

What is smart lighting control all about?

Light plays a very important role in our lives. We should always take care of proper lighting of rooms. A great solution is lighting controlled by Wi-Fi from anywhere in the house and outside, so wherever we are able to access the network.

Wireless control usually uses radio waves, thanks to which receivers and transmitters send information from control devices to target lamps or light fixtures. And everything is controlled from within the app.

In addition, lighting can be automated so that motion detectors turn on when someone enters a room and turn off when they leave. This is a convenient solution when we go from one room through the corridor to another. So we don’t have to constantly turn the lights on and off on our own.

When can we install a lighting control system?

As with other systems and technologies, it is best to plan them already at the construction stage. However, it is not always possible, especially when we move into a finished house or apartment. Then a wireless lighting control system, including Wi-Fi, is ideal. It does not require renovation or cutting walls, which automatically translates into saving time and money.

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Automated lighting – what are the advantages of such a solution?

Light can perfectly build the atmosphere and mood in the room. It is good to have the ability to individually brighten and dim according to your needs. It works perfectly at night (we don’t have to worry about being suddenly blinded by light), in passageways and children’s rooms when we need soft light.

Wireless control of lighting also helps to minimize electricity bills – nothing is turned on unnecessarily. In addition, with the touch of a button or the touch of a smartphone screen, we can completely turn off all the lights, which is especially useful at night and before leaving the house.

What’s more, we no longer have to worry that we left the light on in the dressing room, bathroom or child’s room – the application will notify us of this, even when we are far from home. Another advantage of this system is the programming of light points to turn on and off in selected rooms at a given time. In this way we can simulate the presence of household members, which should protect our home from potential burglars – they will think that all the time someone is inside.

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