Smart home – where to start?

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New technologies are becoming an inseparable part of our everyday life. Technical innovations are increasingly facilitating our functioning, so we willingly adapt them to our homes and apartments.

Smart home is an ideal way to improve the comfort of your own and other household members’ lives. It is a range of gadgets equipped with artificial intelligence allowing them to connect to our phone via WiFi, so we can control many devices remotely. Do you love to improve your space? Check out where to start your smart home adventure

A smart home can look slightly different for each of us, it’s up to the property owners to decide what innovations they will incorporate into their daily lives. The advantage of the solutions is that they greatly enhance our safety. Sensitive smoke or carbon monoxide detectors will very quickly inform us of any potential threat. Mounting cameras outside and inside the building makes our privacy is better protected

In addition, an undoubted advantage is the increased comfort of using the living space. Integrated system, working on spoken commands, makes technology relieve us in many activities

The fantastic thing is that the devices are designed in such a way that they suggest the best solution by themselves, e.g. suggesting a specific washing machine program for a given type of material or setting the intensity of a lamp according to the activity performed at it

The task of the smart home is to make our lives easier and relieve us of work or decisions in which our input is unnecessary. We suggest which devices are worth starting in order to create a smart home tailored to our needs

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Smart home – everything you should know about it

Where to start with a smart home?

Decorating a house, which is to be automated and supported by new technologies, is best started at the stage of construction or finishing works. If we dream of an extensive system that will be responsible for various types of activities, it is worth thinking about this already at the time of commissioning the project. In this way, we can decide to lay out a system of wires that allow for comprehensive management of the smart home. Of course, it is possible to install a wireless system, which is based on WiFi and Bluetooth.

Smart home managed from the Smartphone

You know that feeling when you’re almost asleep but have to get up to turn off the lights? Or when you go to the toilet at night and you’re looking for the switch in the dark? Smart home allows you to get rid of such problems once and for all. Additionally, many of the features that are offered by smart homes are managed from your smartphone. Most devices have dedicated apps that allow you to control them through the panel of our personal phone. A great example would be a TV that we can turn on, off and do other operations using our phone rather than a traditional remote control.

The most popular apps for managing a smart system is Google Home, IFTTT, and HomeKit. Each of these apps is very intuitive and easy to use. Many systems allow you to manage your smart home through a web browser as well, this is a great option when the battery on our phone is dead.

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Other ways to manage your smart home

A great alternative to managing a smart home system from the application level is a voice assistant. All you need to do is speak simple commands in a language specified by the program and you won’t even need to touch your phone

What devices are worth starting your smart home with?

  1. Smart powersockets – thanks to them you can control the level of electricity consumption, they can be turned off at a certain time, cutting off power to the device that is not used
  2. Smart lighting – this is a type of lamps or bulbs that can be managed in a fully automated way. This is an excellent start for your adventure with smart home, because the devices are not very expensive, and immediately change the comfort of our lives. Smart lighting allows us to regulate the color, temperature or even brightness of the light
  3. Smart sensors – apart from motion sensors, which can help control the process of automatic switching on and off of lights, it is also worth installing devices that improve our safety. For starters, smoke detectors, gas detectors and sensors informing of possible flooding will come in handy
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