Smart lighting in the bedroom – what solutions are worth using?

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If you want to refresh your bedroom or give it an intimate and relaxing mood, then it is worthwhile for you to consider installing smart lighting. Decorative smart lamps can perform not only practical functions, but also affect the more effective appearance of the interior. What solutions are worth using?

Smart lighting functions – which ones can you use?

Smart lighting in your bedroom is sure to increase functionality and open up new ways to build mood in the interior of the room – from relaxing colors through energetic colors to subdued shades that promote intimacy. What makes the system live up to its name “smart”?

Lighting can be controlled via voice commands or based on a schedule set in the app. The possibilities are quite numerous. It is worth mentioning here, for example, that the lights can change hue or color intensity to the rhythm of music or sounds from the currently watched movie.

Setting the time of operation and low installation costs

Another practical feature of the system is that you can determine exactly when the lights are to be lit, as well as the intensity and color of the light. This allows you to use the light as an alarm clock, for example, illuminating your bedroom in the morning. 

By opting for smart lighting, you will no longer have to get up to turn off the lamp, which is often uncomfortable, especially when you are already lying in bed after a bath and feel like staying under a warm comforter. The perks also include an attractive price. In this case, what solutions are worth looking at?

LED bulbs – the basis of smart lighting

Smart lighting works on the basis of energy-efficient LED bulbs, which produce up to 90% more light than other models. When current passes through a microchip embedded in LED bulbs, tiny solid-state light sources glow. LEDs also have a pleasant glow, comparable to sunlight.

LED bulbs that fit into screw connections

The first solution you can opt for are standard LED bulbs. They resemble ordinary fluorescent lamps and fit into screw connections. They can be installed in wall lamps or desk lamps or those on bedside tables. LED bulbs can be controlled from a mobile app.

LED strips/strips

This is a way to make long strips of light appear in a room in a uniform or intermittent pattern. LED emitters are mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board. The strips can be placed, for example, under the bed frame, around the headboard, doors, windows or on the frame of a large wardrobe closet with a mirror. The advantage of LED strips/strips is that they can be cut to size.

Smart lamp

Smart lamps are a development of LED bulbs. You can set the color and intensity of the light, and they can be controlled by voice, for example through home assistant programs such as Amazon Alexa. The light can be synchronized with music, and you can also choose effects that affect its final appearance, for example to mimic breathing or explosions. 

What to opt for?

Those who are unsure about using smart lighting in their bedroom can start by choosing standard light bulbs with the option to be controlled from a mobile device. On the other hand, those who have already appreciated the effect of smart lighting can add smart lamps or strips/tapes to the bedroom and make a more advanced composition out of it.

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