Air conditioning with a heating function. What is worth knowing?

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Although in Poland we increasingly feel the warming of the climate, winter can still surprise. Especially in big cities, where traditional wood burning fireplaces are slowly being abandoned and need to heat with gas or electricity

If you decide to spend a few thousand zlotys on home improvements, it is worth considering whether it is better to spend more, but be sure that the device will be as functional as possible. Therefore, air conditioning with heating function is a solution that is increasingly being chosen by owners of detached houses, counting on convenient and fast heating of rooms. Is it expensive? And does it really work? Let’s check it out!

Where does the heat come from?

Most people, when they hear the word air conditioning, think “cold”. No wonder – after all, cooling rooms to a pleasant temperature is the main job of air conditioning. However, some units also have a heating function

Stationary air conditioner consists of two components (indoor and outdoor) connected by a special pipeline. In cooling mode, the outdoor unit draws in fresh air and while it cools, the heat is released to the outside. With the push of a button, this mode can be reversed, with the cooled air escaping to the outside and the heat going straight into the rooms

The advantages of heating through an air conditioner

Some people complain about the noise caused by air conditioners. However, in modern devices, this is only a small noise, which does not interfere with daily functioning and even sleep. Heating of rooms by air conditioning has one main advantage – heat is done practically immediately. Air conditioning is designed to bring the temperature up to the specified limit as quickly as possible

There are split air conditioners on the market with different capacities, but due to their nature, they are used rather for “reheating” during transitional periods – early spring or late autumn. However, if you heat your home with electric heaters, heating with an air conditioner will be much cheaper. In places where there is the possibility of heating with gas or fire from the fireplace, usually the latter two options are chosen

However, it is worth remembering that heating through an air conditioner eliminates the risk of fire. You can leave the house without worrying that a turned on device will start a fire. You also have complete control over the temperature – you set a specific temperature ceiling yourself. When heating in a fireplace, it happens to overdo it

Performance and power consumption

Currently, one kWh costs 0.63 PLN. This means that for an hour of operation of a device with a heating power of 3200 W, which generates power consumption of 1.15 kWh, we will pay less than 73 cents. It is worth noting, however, that the higher the energy class, the lower the electricity consumption. Therefore, when choosing an air conditioner, it is worth paying a few hundred zlotys more, which will pay us back in lower bills for electricity

The cost of the device itself starts from 3 thousand upwards. However, the cost of installing air conditioners can often reach half of their value. This is not a small expense, but air conditioners with a heating function work well in all weathers – they cool in summer and heat in winter. It is worth investing in them

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