Garage alarm. Which one to choose?

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Having a garage provides convenience for users, as well as security for the vehicles owned and other items stored there. However, there is no shortage of people who want to take advantage of this and cause damage – to steal or destroy valuable items. It’s worth finding out how you can protect your possessions. One way is garage alarms. Which one should you choose?

How do garage door alarms work?

Garage door alarms come standard with a sensor that is activated when the door is opened or a moving object appears in the area. When an unauthorized person tries to make a break-in, he enters the sensor’s detection range. The sensor then transmits a signal that deters the intruder from entering the garage or house.

Standard equipment for alarms includes tilt sensors. They are placed directly on the garage door and activate when they detect a change in the door’s position. Let’s also take a look at other popular varieties of garage alarms.

Garage alarm with sensor and magnet

Another solution is contact sensors. They consist of a sensor and a magnet. The magnet is placed on the garage door, and the sensor is attached to the frame. The two components are located close to each other and form a magnetic contact. When it is interrupted, the alarm is activated. Interestingly, this solution can also be used on windows or side doors.

Garage alarm that detects vibration

Among the devices that make up alarm installations are sensors that detect vibrations. The sensors responsible for the operation of the alarm can be attached to doors, windows, roof or walls. They activate when motion is detected. 

They also have some disadvantages. Garage alarms that recognize vibration can activate unexpectedly, for example, during severe weather – a storm or strong wind. Sometimes they alert residents after animals, not people, are in the area. However, if the garage is not heavily exposed to the mentioned factors, it is worth opting for an alarm that detects vibrations.

Smart garage alarms

This is a relatively new solution. It allows you to control the entire alarm system from your mobile devices or stationary control panel. This way you will know what is happening in your garage regardless of the location you are in.

The smart system will notify you if an alarm is activated or if unwanted people attempt to enter the premises. What’s more, smart systems are able to connect to a camera and sound collection system. This makes it so that as soon as you receive a signal, you can check on your phone what is happening in your garage. A copy of the video/audio footage will also provide strong evidence when applying for insurance reimbursement, for example.

Which system should you opt for?

The best choice would be a smart installation, which allows the user to check from a smartphone, tablet or laptop what is happening in his garage. A few clicks are all it takes to verify the audio/video recording and call security or the police. After checking the cameras, the alarm can also be disabled if it is found to have activated unnecessarily.

Because of these features, the smart garage alarm is the best option.

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