Ceiling Lighting. An idea for lighting your home

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What kind of home ceiling lighting to choose and what to follow? What can it consist of and finally – how to compose ceiling lighting for individual rooms?

Here are some important issues to consider when planning solutions for your own home

Elements of ceiling lighting – you need to know them

Ceiling lighting must be chosen according to the type of room and its size. Especially in small spaces, it may be that only one type of lighting can do the job well. In larger rooms, combinations of different types of lighting are most often used. What options do we have to choose from?

Ceiling lamp or chandelier

Traditionally, the primary type of ceiling lighting may be a stately chandelier or a slightly less festive ceiling lamp, which, however, can be extremely atmospheric in some styles. This type of lighting is the primary source of light and is intended to illuminate the room evenly

Large chandeliers, for example, decorated with glass or crystal elements, work well not only in interiors inspired by historical styles, but also in modern glamour styles

What about ceiling lamps? Here the variety is much greater. Our choice can be industrial, modern or even minimalist lamps. The number of lighting points is chosen according to the size of the illuminated surface. It is important that the lamp harmonizes with the interior design.

Spot lighting

It is very useful when you need to enhance the effect of the ceiling lamp. Spot lighting in the ceiling can also be used to emphasize the values of some architectural elements – for example a decorative brick or stone wall. Due to its energy efficiency, LED spotlight will be especially good solution.


Use of plafonds can be useful in both modern and traditional interiors. Although they often go out of fashion, their advantages are appreciated in low rooms or under slants. The point is that the source of light is very close to the ceiling, which does not take up valuable space.

Halogen ceiling lights

Halogen lighting has a directional character. Thanks to it we can also illuminate, for example, the opposite wall or a painting or mosaic located on it. LED spotlights are also useful here.

Ceiling lights for different rooms

Lighting for the bedroom

The ceiling lamp should create the effect of light diffusion. Its stream can not be too strong due to the nature of the room, which is used for sleep and rest. An interesting addition will be LED strips or fiber optics in the ceiling, whose task will be to create an imitation of a starry sky.

How to illuminate the kitchen?

It is definitely better to bet in such a room on multiple sources of light. Do not omit good lighting of countertops, workspaces and cabinets.

How to illuminate the living room?

The living room can be a place for an impressive chandelier or a ceiling lamp, which will hang over the dining area. The relaxation corner is better illuminated, for example, with stylish wall lamps.

How to light a bathroom?

It is worth taking care not only of the central lighting of the room, but above all, properly equip the mirror mounted here in the LED strips. This will make it easier to shave or do your morning makeup.

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