How can we be smart in the garden?

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Nowadays, smart homes no longer surprise anyone. So it’s no wonder that smart gardens are becoming more and more popular. How to design one?

Contemporary construction differs significantly even from that of a few years ago. The same is true of gardens. Today rather few people plant trees and shrubs without prior thought. Everything works together. The idea of smart gardening also makes life easier.

A smart garden – why is it worth it?

Smart gardens really have many advantages. The main one is that the appropriate settings make everything somehow “manage itself”. Of course, according to a predetermined scheme. It is enough to program the so-called. scenes, which involve many equipment or installation elements simultaneously. For example, you can set the sequence that will make the gate open when you drive up to the house. In addition, the driveway light will turn on. Thanks to this light does not have to be on all the time, which is associated with electricity savings.

How to prepare a smart garden?

If we dream of a smart garden, we need to install the system in the right place, where it will be most useful. You can start with a fragment of the garden and over time expand the system with new equipment. It is not too complicated, because a large part of them works wirelessly, so there is no need to rebuild and change most of the installation to install them. 

Lawn that mows and waters itself

If you want to make a smart garden, it is worth choosing such facilities that will make our lives better and easier. The system, which is undoubtedly worth installing, is the one concerning watering the garden and mowing it. It’s a good idea to have a system that is easy to use, so you don’t have to go around mowing or spraying flowers and bushes with a sprinkler. Just connect the appropriate system to the weather station and the sprinkler, and it, thanks to the sensors that monitor the moisture of the soil, will decide itself when you need to water the plants growing in the garden. Isn’t it convenient?

A unique atmosphere thanks to music? Why not!

People who like to play with new technologies and are looking for even more sophisticated solutions, can give themselves music in the garden, which will be turned on for example when someone enters the terrace or gazebo. No one said that only light has to turn on.

Safety with intelligent technologies

Modern technologies can also ensure the safety of residents and deter thieves. Smart devices allow you to monitor the entire property. Thanks to this, the moment someone undesirable appears on the property – the sensors will react, and the cameras will turn on. 

The possibilities in smart gardens are really unlimited. Therefore, it is worth adjusting them to individual needs, then they will really make our lives easier and more pleasant, and that’s what it’s all about in new technologies!

main photo:ÇAĞIN KARGI

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