Doorbell – which one to choose?

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A doorbell is an extremely useful device, especially when you live in a detached house and you are not always able to hear knocking on the door or see if someone is waiting at the gate. Which one should you choose?

A doorbell, but which one?

Many people want their doorbell to be especially loud so that they can hear from every corner of the house that a visitor is waiting at the door. There are several types of bells. Sometimes we can still meet the traditional ones in the form of a bell, gong or knocker. Much more popular, however, are wired and wireless bells. There are also bells with a photocell – although these are sometimes problematic and with a camera, thanks to which we can see who came. Wired doorbells are the least prone to malfunction, due to being plugged into the mains, so we don’t have to worry about dead batteries, however they won’t work during a power failure. They also bring problems with installation and trailing wires. The wireless ones are much easier to install, because you just need to stick or hang one part in the desired place, and the other part needs to be placed in the house or plugged into the socket, in a place where you can hear the sound well.

In fact, choosing the right doorbell is an individual thing depending on your needs and preferences

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