Electrical socket with USB. Convenience at hand

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USB-charged appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Is it worth buying a USB power outlet for this reason?

Charging via USB port

Cell phones are very popular devices – about 88% of Poles use them. USB port is used to charge batteries in many devices such as: desk lamps, tablets, portable speakers. The more devices are charged via USB port, the more cables and chargers are connected to contacts or extension cords (depending on the number of devices you have).

USB sockets, or minimizing the large number of cables

When USB sockets entered the market a few years ago, they were mainly used in corporations as an office accessory to make work easier. Thanks to this, employees could easily charge their business phones. Nowadays, you can find socket models in stores that are great for both home and office. There are flush mounted and grounded USB outlets available for sale. This makes it very safe to charge your equipment at home.

Each model of USB socket has a shutter that prevents you from inserting anything into the socket – this is very important, especially for parents of small children; as you know, our kids like to “experiment”, putting different things into the socket. The USB socket has a standard plug input and a USB port. Thus, it can be connected at the same time equipment and charging cable for example: phone.

Modern socket design

USB sockets don’t have to be boring. In stores you can find sockets in different colors such as white, gold, black, among others. The sockets have frames with different designs, so they can become a decoration of any interior.

Why buy a socket with USB?

Electrical sockets with a USB port are a great solution, because you do not have to waste time looking for your own charger or borrowing from another household member. This type of outlet will save a lot of space, and you don’t have to unplug other devices to plug in the charger. You also don’t have to plug in electrical strips to increase the available number of contacts.

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Another advantage of the electrical outlet with USB is that you can take care of the aesthetics of the house – you no longer see so many cables from chargers. The last advantage of this type of socket is an extended warranty period, in some manufacturers even up to 7 years.

Electrical sockets with USB are a great solution that should be found in every modern home.

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