How to paint a child’s room?

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A child’s room is a very important place that serves many functions. On the one hand, it is a space where the little man spends his time and lives his great adventures, and on the other hand it is a place of rest. How to paint a child’s room to make him/her happy to spend time in it? In this text, you will find some tips that will certainly be useful to you.

Atmosphere first

Rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room are usually decorated in a subdued way because everyone in the house lives there. When it comes to a child’s room, however, the challenge is somewhat greater. Well, the child’s kingdom should be tailored to his individual needs. It is extremely important to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, playing, relaxing and everything else that a child does within its four walls. When choosing paint, take into account the effect you want to achieve and the age of your child. The best thing to do is to use one of the freely available wizards, which will help you create a visualization of the room.

What to keep in mind when painting a child’s room?

Children do not pay attention to many things, so it is very important to choose the right type of paint used in the kingdom of the child. After all, you have to reckon with chocolate stains, drawings on the wall and accidental bumps. However, currently on the market there are solutions that allow you to adequately protect painted walls and cope with demanding users such as children.

This is what you should pay attention to when choosing paint for your child’s room:

  • stain resistance.
  • resistance to scrubbing
  • resistance to wet washing.
  • hypoallergenicity,
  • approvals and compliance with safety standards.

What paint to choose for the children’s room?

As we have already established above, the paint for the children’s room must be very durable and resistant to any kind of damage or stains. It would also be good if the paint was characterized by good coverage and did not splash during painting. An interesting solution are Magnat Creative or Magnat Ceramic products. Take a look at these products and see how much they have to offer when painting a children’s room.

What colors to choose?

Paints for children’s rooms, apart from fulfilling technical requirements, should also be adjusted to the gender of the child. After all, no boy would want to live in a pink princess room. So before you choose the final solution that you will apply in the child’s room, take into account the gender, age and favorite color of the toddler. Of course, in the case of a boy you can always go classic, that is, shades of blue, and in the case of paint for a girl’s room, bet on light pinks. The rest of the arrangement effect will be obtained by interesting accessories.

Let it be creative

It is good when the colors of the walls in the children’s room stimulate creativity and a desire to play. That is why it is better not to invest in dark colors, which will take away a lot of light and introduce a sad atmosphere. An interesting idea to make painted walls more attractive is the use of stickers, which do not damage the paint and are able to completely change the atmosphere in the room.

How to prepare walls for painting?

Before you get down to applying a new color to the walls in your child’s room, you need to prepare the surface. This is very important for a good adhesion of the new paint to the wall. Below you will find a step by step procedure for preparing the walls for painting.

  1. Get rid of old paint

It may happen that you can see the paint coming off on the wall, which you should definitely remove before applying the new color. To get rid of the old layer, soak the wall with a damp sponge and scrape with a spatula what comes off easily. You can also use special paint removers, but you’ll need a mask and protective gloves.

  • Wash the walls

Washing the walls is very important in terms of the painting effect. The surface before applying a new color should be clean and free from any kind of streaks. Use a soft cloth with paint soap. If you do not have such agent, you can use for example dishwashing liquid.

  • Level the walls

You will get the best painting effect if you first level the walls and trowel out any cracks or scratches. All you need to do is to use a filling compound which you should mix beforehand and then apply directly on the walls. The most convenient way to do it is with a spatula. After the compound dries, use sandpaper and smooth out the leveled surface.

  • Prime the wall

Priming is necessary first of all when the old paint is removed from the wall. The purpose is to stabilize the surface and to get the best adhesion of paint. In case the painted wall is in good condition and you have not removed the previous color, you can freely apply new paint without priming. If you want the best possible coverage, choose Magnat paints. The colors that you will find in the available palette will certainly appeal to you.

  • Take care of the temperature

A room in which you are planning to paint the walls should be neither too hot nor too cold. Extreme conditions affect the drying of the paint and can lead to an unsightly effect. Make sure the room temperature is between +10°C and +28°C with air humidity not exceeding 80%.

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