Have you closed your attic window? Weather Sensor

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Roof windows are a great solution to make your attic brighter and more spacious. Modern technology now allows you to automatically control the opening and closing of your windows

In addition, weather sensors (including wind and rain sensors) can close the window without your intervention! Check what the automatic window closing system is, how much it costs and for whom it works best

Modern construction industry is full of solutions which positively influence the quality of life. Houses have become more environmentally friendly, and the use of smart home solutions has made the apartments are full of intelligent systems. Innovative materials that are used to finish living spaces are also significant

A lot of changes have taken place in the subject of windows as well. Modern shutters can take different forms to fit the style of our interiors as much as possible. Besides, we have the possibility of installing systems that allow us to control the windows automatically

What does the weather module for automatic window control consist of?

1. Weather-compensated module

The weather module is a system of automatic window closing that works in correlation with the wind sensor and rain detector. At the moment of detecting a significant change in the weather outside the windows are automatically closed without our intervention. It is a small device with dimensions of 160×120×70 mm, which is mounted on the window

2. Wind strength sensor

Another very important element of the weather module is the wind strength sensor. This small detector, working together with the weather module, makes the windows close when strong gusts of wind are detected. Compatible actuators after receiving the appropriate signal from the sensor will automatically close the windows, which is great when a storm is approaching.

The wind sensor should be mounted on the roof in an uncovered area, so the measurements will be as accurate as possible. Usually, the sensor will signal you to close the windows when the wind speed reaches 40 km/h

3. Rain detector

The rain detector plays a very important role in the weather module system. Its function is to automatically close the windows in consultation with the weather module. This gadget also works well when there is a disturbing accumulation of smoke in the house. Modern technology makes the detector is resistant to factors such as fog or dew, so that the measurements are not disturbed.

A heated sensor, which is mounted on the roof in an exposed location, is responsible for this. This is a great way to make sure that our roof windows are always closed during precipitation events.

4. Smoke detector

Another great solution that is included in the weather module is the smoke detector. Its task is to detect visible smoke which escapes from the apartment in the initial stage of a fire. The alarm signal causes the windows to open automatically. One detector installed in the house is able to detect smoke on the surface of 40 square meters. It is undoubtedly a sensational device to bear our safety.

Main photo: Andrea Davis/unsplash.com

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