Heat pump. Principles of operation, savings

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Heat pumps are an increasingly popular and popular option due to the fact that they are associated with significant savings. It is worth getting to know their principles of operation, so that maybe in the future you will decide to apply this kind of technology in your house.

Before we start talking about the benefits of a heat pump, let us explain what exactly this installation is. Well, it is a device that allows you to achieve up to 75% savings when it comes to the expenses incurred on obtaining hot water and heating. Heat pumps are considered to be the cheapest heating, but how do they work in practice?

This type of installation is now increasingly used in single-family housing. Really big benefits given in combination with photovoltaic installation. With such a collaboration, monthly bills can become much lower. 

ABC of heat pump operation

If you are planning to install a heat pump in your home, you need to know that this is not a device that produces heat energy. Such heat sources are, for example, gas oil boilers or those that use solid fuel. In order for the installation to work flawlessly and the fuel to be used in a correct, harmless manner, it is influenced, among other things, by the calorific value of the fuel itself. We must be aware of the fact that the higher the calorific value, the less fuel we burn to heat our home. 

To obtain 1kW of thermal energy we have to supply a certain amount of fuel. Heat pumps are devices that do not produce energy, but transfer it from one place to another.

Deciding on a heat pump is not at all easy. Many people who invest in this type of device today explain this fact by the fact that in a few years the fuel prices will be much higher and they will still be able to enjoy quite low bills. Heat pumps are most often installed in buildings where there is not much possibility of heating with cheap natural gas. Investors calculate that installing a heat pump will pay for itself after a few years. People who opt for this solution take ecology alone into account. Homeowners who install heat pumps also want to live with the knowledge that they are not contributing to environmental degradation

A wide range of possibilities and considerable savings

The advantage of heat pumps is also the variety of their applications. Designers of these devices are looking for newer, better, more technologically advanced solutions in order to increase the comfort of potential customers. The fact that the design of heat pumps is still evolving also affects the bargain prices of these devices. 

Heat pumps allow you to really reduce the cost of heating your home – up to 50-60%. It’s an investment that will pay off and in the not so distant future show that you can actually save on your bills.

main photo: unsplash.com/Phil Hearing

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