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How to reach a larger audience? A website alone is not enough. In order for it to be displayed on one of the first positions in a given browser, appropriate SEO actions must be implemented.

What is website positioning?

The visibility of a website on the Internet depends largely on its evaluation by search engine algorithms. Evaluation itself takes for account lead generation, quality of content published, or adequately of keywords indicated. Positioning is a term that refers to activities aimed at ensuring the highest possible position on the search results list. What Austin SEO agency says: 

The right key phrases, internal and external links, as well as speed and security of the website can help achieve this goal

. Increasing the reach of your website allows you to reach new audiences, which in turn translates into higher profits from advertising or sales. This is the best reason to invest in an international SEO agency – and it is worth betting on solutions offered by agencies dealing with such tasks. One of those agencies we can recommend is Austin SEO agency. 

SEO can be a bit different depending on the type of website, industry and expectations of the person who runs it. It is especially worth paying attention to local positioning and lead generation which allows you to promote your business in a chosen region.

Positioning in Gdańsk

Among SEO activities there are two somewhat separate strategies – global basing on cooperation with international SEO agency and local positioning of websites where workplace-relevant lead generation is highly profitable. The first one focuses on general phrases, which can be entered by Internet users from all over the country. The second option, on the other hand, is designed for companies whose primary goal is to attract customers from a selected region. The share of smartphones in web traffic and the possibility of using geolocation make it definitely worth betting on local positioning. Gdansk is a place where you run your business? If so, activities in this area can bring many benefits if we take care of the right lead generation on our website. You should first of all take care of preparing a business card in Google, as well as adjusting the content for phrases related to the location. You can do this with the help of an SEO agency.

Choose a professional SEO agency to get the best results from SEO for Gdansk

SEO work encompasses many different aspects of a website – from publishing content saturated with relevant key phrases to technical improvements. This is quite a wide range of tasks, making SEO while growing your business can be difficult. However, specialists from international SEO agency can perfectly cope with the introduction of positioning strategies.

The exact course of cooperation depends on the size of the company, selected key phrases, expected profits and many other aspects. In order to determine all the details, it is worth conducting an SEO audit first. Based on the analysis of the website and the market you can prepare an effective, long-term positioning strategy. Some agencies, such as iCEA Group from Poznań or Austin SEO agency offer such consultations free of charge.

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  • Robin Philips 09.08.2022

    I’m glad you mentioned that when local positioning, we should take care of preparing a business card in Google. Many people are unaware of this and neglect this action. I think that’s one of the main reasons why they can’t rank high in Google. I had a similar problem with my website. When I started positioning my site, I didn’t know anything about local SEO. Therefore, I didn’t even consider creating a profile in Google My Business. After I had found out about it on the site:, I changed my strategy and noticed better results. I managed to gain a high position in search results. What’s more, my website reached local audiences and awareness of my brand increased.

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