How to choose photovoltaic panels? Tips

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Installing photovoltaic panels can turn out to be a very good decision financially. When deciding on a system, you need to consider such factors as equipment, financing options, as well as the company installing the system. 

By properly adjusting the aforementioned parameters, buying photovoltaic panels will be cheaper and will be done in the right way. In this case, what to pay attention to?

Basics – the main components of the solar energy system

These include photovoltaic panels and an inverter. In the first case, we are dealing with a device that converts solar energy into electricity. The inverter, on the other hand, changes the electrical energy into a form that is fit for consumption by the appliances used in the house.

The main components of a photovoltaic panel system also include a monitoring system. It allows you to find out how much electricity is actually being generated and how much is being consumed.

Key issues to consider

As part of the first step, you need to determine the efficiency of the solar panel. This will allow you to decide on an installation that will meet your household’s energy needs. This can be done as follows – by multiplying the annual power consumption by 1.2 and divide this by the annual production per kW. The result will be the power of the photovoltaic installation that will meet your needs.

The next point is to check the warranties of solar panel manufacturers. The industry average is between 10 and 25 years, and it is within this range that the warranty of the panel supplier/manufacturer should fall. Then you need to compare the cost with the expected performance. 

What technical data of the panels to pay attention 

The amount of electricity that solar panels can produce depends on several factors. These include power rating, power tolerance, as well as efficiency and temperature coefficient. When these are put together, the user will be able to determine how much energy future photovoltaic panels are capable of generating.

Photovoltaic panels are renowned for their durability. However, some areas experience extremely heavy snowfall or strong winds. If you live in just such an area, make sure that the panels you decide on are designed to withstand more demanding weather conditions. Systems that meet IEC 61215 standards will be a good choice.

Cost of photovoltaic panels – how to reduce it?

The price for the installation of photovoltaic panels in 2021 was about $3000-6000 gross, including 8% VAT. In turn, the average price of one solar panel is about 250 per unit.

To reduce the cost of both purchase and installation, consider taking advantage of investment financing. Fortunately, there is no shortage of programs that provide additional funds for the purchase and installation of panels. These include packages such as My Current 4.0, Thermal Modernization Credit, Agroenergy, Clean Air Part III or Energy Plus. It’s also worth finding out if there is a separate subsidy program in your region. You can also take advantage of a bank loan. Taking these programs into account, the selection and installation of panels will go more smoothly and cheaply.

main photo: Public Power Association

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