Induction or gas cooktop? Which one to choose?

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Probably no one can imagine a kitchen without a cooktop. It is on it that the magic of cooking and creating meals for us and the whole family takes place. One of the most important issues when decorating this room is to choose the ideal and most suitable cooktop for us and our needs. Here the question arises: buy a gas cooktop, or maybe bet on induction? 

How many people, so many opinions. Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to choosing a cooktop. For some it is the induction cooktop with its ease of maintenance, for others it is the traditional gas cooktop, which has “that something” of the original preparation of food over fire. Which one has more advantages?

Induction hob

This is by far the most frequently chosen solution in recent times. Flat, easy-to-clean surface, aesthetics and speed in preparing food, as well as safety, are its main advantages. Its operation, as the name suggests, is based on the use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, thanks to which it converts energy into heat at the point of contact between the bottom of the pot and the heating surface. Thanks to this phenomenon, heat loss is also avoided, which affects the speed of cooking. It’s also helpful when working, because as soon as the pot or pan is lifted, the heating momentarily stops, and it’s easier for us to control an almost burnt dish. 

The induction cooktop works thanks to electricity, so it is a particularly recommended option for those who have a photovoltaic installation. Induction also means a higher level of safety, especially compared to a gas hob. Of course, here too there is the possibility of burns, but it is less, and additionally we are away from igniting a fire or being poisoned by escaping gas.

Unfortunately, the induction hob also has its downsides. The main one is the need to have the right pots that are adapted to the induction hob. Sometimes, unfortunately, this may involve replacing all the pots and pans we own with new ones, which will certainly prove to be an expensive endeavor. Installing an induction hob also involves reinforcing the electrical system you have, which can also generate additional costs.

Gas hob

This is by far the most well-known and at one time popular cooktop. To turn it on, we need access to gas: either mains or from a cylinder, and sometimes electricity is also needed, especially with built-in electric igniters. Until recently it was the most economical option, but recently the cost of gas has also increased.

Unfortunately, the gas hob is more difficult to keep clean, and to clean it, especially after a small disaster, we have to put in a lot more effort. New models of gas cookers have adequate safety features to protect against gas leakage, for example, when the burner is flooded. In gas cooking we also have to deal with heat loss, which prolongs the cooking time, however, many people say that dishes from a gas stove are tastier. It also makes it possible, for example, to burn onions for broth.

Which one to choose?

Here the matter is really individual. We ourselves must decide which hob we like better visually and what will be more cost-effective and convenient in our case.

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