What lamps to choose for lighting trees in the garden?

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When choosing lighting for the garden, we are primarily guided by practical considerations. The purchase of garden lamps is one of the most demanding stages of arranging the space around the house, because they provide us with the safety of moving around the property after dark. However, it is worth betting on elements that in addition to practical functions will also look great.

Lighting trees in the garden

Lamps mounted in front of the house or along the driveway are used to accurately illuminate the space. The ones placed further in the garden among the trees or by the pond have a rather decorative function. Which lamps should you choose to emphasize the beauty of your garden? The classic lanterns that will take us to a magical land reminiscent of Narnia are perfect for this purpose. To create an atmospheric atmosphere, we can also use floodlights mounted on skewers in the ground. In this way we get unique illuminations, illuminating fancifully trimmed shrubs and decorative trees. LED garlands hung between the trees will also look fantastic. If you do not have the ability to connect electricity in the garden, think about subtle solar lanterns

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