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Automatic terrace awnings. What is worth knowing?

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Awning is the perfect solution for a sunny terrace or balcony. It is also a great idea for arranging a resting place in the garden. Currently, smartphone-controlled awnings are the most popular

Motorized automatic awnings

Until recently, the awnings available on the market were manually rolled up and down. Currently the crank is replaced by an electric drive, which is additionally equipped with a wi-fi module. This solution is extremely comfortable and safe. The awning can be extended by using an application on your phone without getting up from the deckchair, and it can also be retracted by using a smartphone if we forgot about it while leaving the house. In case of a sudden change in the weather, a downpour or a strong wind, the automatic control will enable a quick reaction. Some awning models are also equipped with radiant heaters with a halogen lamp that acts as a heater. This way, being on the terrace on a cool evening will still be pleasant.

Installing an awning

As a rule, awnings can be installed in several ways, depending on the location of the terrace. The awning can be attached to the wall or to the underside of the balcony above the terrace, as well as to a wooden structure if you have one at home. It is worth remembering that regardless of the type of installation, technical issues should be entrusted to professionals. If only so as not to lose the warranty.

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