Panel fencing – what is worth paying attention to?

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Fence is an important part of any house with a garden – it provides privacy and intimacy, and at the same time provides an interesting background for the plants growing near the house. Is the panel fence a good solution for everyone?

It is often said that the fence is a showcase of the house – that’s why before buying it you should take a moment to carefully consider what models will look best on our property. Many people decide on the mesh, which is covered with ivy or planted thick thuja next to it, to create a natural, green barrier. You can do the same with a panel fence. Is it worth to buy it?

What is a panel fence?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of fence made of panels, so ready-made elements, which just need to be joined together. Panel fences can be made of different materials – the most popular are those made of galvanized steel – and you can buy them both in DIY stores and online.

Although panel fences do not provide privacy because they are made of small elements joined together, they can be a great addition to your garden. Just combine them with clematis or annual climbing plants (e.g. kobe) to get a green wall protecting from the sight of neighbors

Advantages of panel fencing

Until recently, they were chosen mainly by companies and institutions, because their openwork design delineates a private area, but does not provide protection from prying eyes of neighbors. However, it is an interesting substitute of the mesh, because panel fences are assembled faster, even without the help of a specialist, and in case of damage to any of the elements it is enough to buy one of the panels – with the mesh fence it is often necessary to replace a large part of the fence

The structure of panel fences is much more stable than that of mesh fences. Steel elements are harder and more resistant to mechanical damage. Additionally they are often covered with anticorrosive agents, so they are not afraid of moisture and temperature fluctuations

Types of panel fences

The most popular are of course steel fences, because it is easy and quick to install, and the material itself is characterized by high resistance to frost, heat, moisture and wind. The most durable fences are made of hot dip galvanized elements – they usually need to be replaced only after a few decades!

For fans of Scandinavian climate and natural accents there are also panel fences made of wood. They look extremely aesthetically pleasing and are usually an effective shield against the sight of neighbors, but they need annual maintenance and protection from temperatures and moisture. If you take proper care of them, they will serve you for more than 10 years.

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