Systemic gateways. What is worth knowing about them?

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The system gate is often characterized by the fact that we buy from the manufacturer only the frame, which can be filled with wood or metal elements. This is a good option for people who feel like working alone. Other times the frame is already filled with panels. What to remember when choosing?

Type of material: frame and filling

Sometimes the different types of system gates differ greatly in the price you have to pay for them. However, this is usually neither a matter of design, nor some whim of sellers who would like to maximize profits. Very important is the material from which this important element of the fence is made. Specifically, what matters is its quality.


Steel can be of various grades. Quality is influenced by its composition or manufacturing process. The price increases with the higher grade of the product. Inferior steel is a more ductile and flexible material and will be susceptible to deformation

Profile wall thickness

Not only the grade of steel is important, but also the wall thickness of the profile from which the gate is made. Of course, the thinner they are, the worse for the durability of such an element. But then you can save a little on the cost of fencing the plot.

Galvanizing and varnish

Another important element is the type of protection and finishing of steel forming the gate. It affects the fact that the gate will not be quickly damaged by corrosion. We distinguish between hot-dip galvanizing and galvanic. For the durability of the items covered with it, the first option is much better

What about painting? Also in this case we can easily fall for the manufacturer’s declarations. Such a gate should be powder coated, and not, for example, by immersion. The second option is often used for cheaper models.

Dimensions of the entrance gate

We must remember that the entrance gate should allow free entry to the property. It is not only about small passenger cars but also much heavier equipment that is sometimes needed.

What dimensions to choose?

The entrance gate must be wide enough. However, it happens that a small amount of space quite strongly limits us in planning this element. It certainly cannot be narrower than 240 cm. However, it is an absolute minimum and it is difficult for such a small clearance to be comfortable in use and constitute a satisfactory solution. Therefore, it is usually advisable to purchase and install a model with a width of 3 to 4 meters. Standard gates, which we find in building supermarkets, as a rule, are just such.

What kind of filling?

We can choose panels, profiles, which can be welded vertically or horizontally. Much depends on the style that we prefer. In many cases, a wooden filling of sufficiently thick boards will also work perfectly. In this case, however, remember that the wood must be properly impregnated.

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Which gate is better: swing or sliding?

Very important is also the system of opening the gate. The choice we have is a swing or sliding option. The swing gate is the classic option, which is installed most often. However, it requires a lot of space in the driveway: the way it is installed is that one or two wings open inwards. It is recommended wherever the investor has a narrow but deep plot of land

The sliding system is its contradiction. The place for the sliding part must be on the side of the gate. In this case we do not take up space on the driveway, but the plot must be wide enough. There are rail sliding gates and self-supporting. In the first case, the movement of the leaf is carried out on rollers on the rail. It is important that the rollers themselves are quite good quality. In self-supporting gates, the movement is carried out thanks to the rollers of the guide post. They are easier to maintain but more expensive. In their case it is reasonable to purchase a driving mechanism. This is because such gates are quite heavy and their moving can be cumbersome.

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