Veritable Smart Pot. A garden that lives its own life

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Who doesn’t love a dish sprinkled with fresh herbs or a salad with your own cherry tomatoes? Fancy a refreshing and relaxing mojito after work, but can’t find good quality mint anywhere?

No doubt you’ve heard many times that the solution to this problem is to grow your own herbs or vegetables. You don’t even need a garden for this. All you need is a balcony or a well-lit windowsill. This attitude makes failures in growing your own garden seem like something that shouldn’t happen. And yet not everyone has to have a hand with plants! What’s more, some people simply don’t have the time or the ability to take good care of their plants, which – especially during the growing period – need a lot of attention. The Veritable Smart Flower Pot is the answer to your problems

The smart flowerpot

We live in an age where the phrase ‘smart home’ has finally stopped having bad associations. A smart home is supposed to make everyday life easier. We are used to the fact that it is not just an unnecessary gadget, but a real help in performing household duties, for which we often have no strength or time. This does not mean that we have to give up certain things.

The answer to this kind of dilemma is a smart pot. There is a reason why we talk about a garden that lives its own life. Why? Because once you’ve installed the pot, you can go about your business in peace and wait for what you’ve sown to grow. You don’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing, or even whether the germinating plants have enough light! The pot provides it all, including LED light that perfectly replaces natural light. Did you know that true fans of green plants often install special LED lighting in their homes to help plants thrive? Veritable Smart offers you the opportunity to enjoy harvesting herbs, vegetables and edible flowers with a minimum of your own effort.

The magic of growth

The Veritable Smart Pot is not just that. To grow vegetables or herbs you also need Lingot seed inserts. There are special holes in the pot where you just put them and… wait for the result. You don’t have to do anything else, because not only do they contain the seeds and a well-chosen and optimized soil (in terms of soil pH, humidity, root aeration and seed placement depth) but also the nutrients that make the Veritable Smart pot grow regularly

Regular yields

Why has the Veritable Smart pot become so popular? Mainly because one refill means fresh plants for up to six months! It takes about four weeks from the time the refill is placed in the pot until the vegetables or herbs are ready for consumption. The pots themselves can be stored for up to a year, and it’s worth mentioning that they don’t spoil after this time – only the germination power is reduced, which means that it’s much harder for the young shoots to break through the substrate and they can be weaker. And what can you actually sow in your smart pot? As a starter pack you get four herbs – parsley, basil, thyme and chives, which will enhance the taste of most of your dishes. In addition, you can purchase refills not only with other herbs, but also leafy vegetables, edible flowers, mini vegetables, and fruit bushes.

Top quality lighting

What is it about Veritable Smart pot lighting that makes it work as well as sunlight? It’s not just the LED bulbs themselves, but how their light is used. The smart pot is able to adjust the intensity of the lighting based on the amount of daylight that is available around the unit. With this perfect balance, the plant receives exactly the amount of light it needs to grow. Just as importantly, the pot accurately determines the wavelengths of light needed for adequate growth. However… what about the day and night cycle? After sixteen hours of operation, the pot switches itself off, allowing the plant to go into a vegetative state for another eight hours. Since the Veritable Smart determines for itself how much light the plants need, place the pot where you are comfortable. Don’t take up a windowsill if you prefer to have it on your kitchen counter! It won’t affect the quality of the crop in any way.

Autonomous watering

One of the basic things that all living organisms need to survive is water. The Veritable Smart Watering Pot doesn’t make it itself – but it will make sure your plants are watered properly. All you have to do is refill the reservoir once every two or three weeks. You don’t have to write the date on a calendar. Not only can you check the water level all the time, but when it’s time to refill, the pot will let you know by flashing its lights.

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