Smart patio, or how to expand your home space. Automatic awnings

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Durable, providing pleasant shade and comfortable to use – electric patio awnings are the perfect way to cover your terrace depending on your needs.

Terrace roofing – is it worth it?

The area of our house can be easily enlarged. Of course, it is not about moving walls but about the terrace. It is a perfect place to rest, relax, catch a breath, but also to spend time with family and friends or even to work. Fresh air has a positive effect on the body and our mood.

When building a terrace, it is worth to carefully consider its dimensions (to accommodate a lounge set with a table and other selected items) and location. Terraces facing the street are not recommended due to noise, pollution and the stares of neighbors and passers-by. In addition, it is important that the color scheme harmonizes with the facade of the house and the entire property. It is also good to take care of non-slip surface, because slippery tiles combined with rain may turn into an ice rink.

We can spend mornings, whole days and evenings on the terrace, but sometimes it is impossible because of the weather. It is difficult to stand several hours in the sun. The best solution is to roof the terrace. There is a choice of permanently installed roofs, such as a wooden or glass construction.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sunbathe on such a terrace or to look at the stars when it gets dark; they also obscure the interior of the house. The solution to this problem is to either leave a section exposed or simply install a movable canopy.

Automatic patio awnings

A movable canopy that we can freely roll up and down according to our needs is an awning. In the past we had to do everything manually, using a crank. Now there are automatic terrace awnings available on the market, which have improved the comfort of use. The control mechanism is activated by a special button or a remote control.

In addition, automatic terrace awnings can be equipped with a weather sensor. Its task is to watch for changes in the weather. For example the awning will retract when a strong wind suddenly breaks and extend when the sun appears. Thanks to this we do not have to constantly monitor the situation or worry when we leave the house or a storm arrives.

That is not all, because awnings can also have another convenience, namely a radiant lamp that not only gives light, but above all heats on a similar basis as the sun. This way, when it gets a bit cooler, we can still comfortably spend time on the terrace.

Dimensions, colors and designs of patio awnings

Awnings come in a variety of sizes. The most popular models are 5 m wide and cover the terrace for about 3.5 m. Such a surface is enough to sit comfortably at a table. There is also a possibility to order a terrace awning in a specific size, even accurate to the centimeter.

However, this type of terrace awning is quite heavy – awnings weigh about 50 kilos. Two people are required to install them. This can be done with the help of someone else, but the wisest thing is to entrust this task to professionals.

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Today, there are so many colors and designs of automatic awnings available on the market that no one should have a problem with choosing the best option. The most common are single color or striped awnings. Each looks very stylish and elegant. It is also worth paying attention to the material they are made of. It can be a special polyester fabric protected with acrylic lacquer or impregnated acrylic material. There are also models covered with a waterproof film

All of them are resistant to tearing and durable – they do not discolor or fade, and additionally reflect sun rays. Thanks to them you can use the terrace whenever and however much you want. It is worth remembering not to roll up a wet awning under any circumstances, as it may simply mold.

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