How to build an eco-friendly home. Tips and solutions

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At the outset, it is worth clarifying what an ecological house actually is. Such a property is characterized by the fact that it is not a source of toxins or other substances that harm the environment. 

An ecological house also does not need non-renewable fuels for basic energy production or heating. What else is worth knowing about it, what to do so that your property can be described as ecological? You will find useful information with us!

Proper selection of the plot of land

The first step in adapting a house to an ecological profile, is to select a site with the right characteristics. We are talking here, first of all, about the location of the plot in relation to the sides of the world. The property under construction should indicate the four sides of the world. Why is this important?

Any glass surfaces, such as windows or balcony/terrace doors, must be exposed to direct sunlight – on the south side. In turn, where it will not have access – on the east and north sides, it is good for trees or other buildings to appear. The objects will provide protection from wind and cooling. An additional advantage is to provide more oxygen.

When selecting a plot of land for the construction of an organic house, it is worth consulting a surveyor, as well as studying the details of the development conditions. This is important, because it is not always possible to meet the conditions associated with the principle of four sides of the world.

Construction of the property and energy savings

The form that a building will have is a key aspect in terms of energy conservation. If one does not want heat to escape from the interior of the property, one should opt for a simple, compact building with a rectangular or square shape.

A usable attic instead of a one-story house is a good solution. Wanting to further optimize the tightness of the property, you can dispense with balconies or terraces on the first floor. Their construction requires the creation of joints through which heat escapes.

Roof architecture and room layout

Two other issues to keep in mind are the architecture of the roof and the layout of the rooms. In the first case, it is best to opt for a double or single-pitched structure without irregular surfaces. A completely flat roof is also a good option. It is worth adding to this the standard ways to insulate the property – mineral wool, Styrofoam or cellulose.

The next aspect is the layout of the rooms. Usable rooms, such as the living room, playroom, bedroom or dining room, should be in the sunniest place. This is not necessary, for example, for the kitchen, bathroom or utility rooms – garage, shed, boiler room or storage room. 

RES – renewable energy sources

The whole can be supplemented with RES, or renewable energy sources. Such solutions include systems such as solar panels, photovoltaics or heat pumps. They provide energy and heating, and do not generate pollution, as they only need renewable fuels to operate.

Wanting to implement RES technologies in your eco-friendly home, you can take advantage of EU, government and local subsidies. Some of the most popular programs include My Electricity, Clean Air and My Heat.

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