Energy-efficient windows in the roof

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Rising energy prices are causing more and more people to look for alternative forms of obtaining energy for their home in order to reduce the costs incurred. Photovoltaic panels are leading the market in the energy sector, but an interesting solution has also become the use of energy-efficient windows in the roof

Energy efficient roof window – what is it?

Along with the demand for alternative sources of energy there are more and more solutions on the energy market that allow for energy saving and independence. What is more, ecology has become the philosophy of life not only for inhabitants of single or multifamily houses but also for more and more investors.

Energy-efficient windows in the roof is a novelty that is becoming more and more popular. It also has a beneficial effect on our health. By choosing new windows, customers not only gain more light in the rooms, but most importantly, they protect themselves from heat escaping from the house. As a result, this guarantees lower energy bills.

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It is also worth mentioning that the placement of windows is not without significance – especially for the energy balance. Therefore, if you are building a house, it is recommended to place the windows on the south side if possible – to get the best light during the day. For small rooms, it is advisable to use central windows so that the sun’s rays illuminate the room evenly. Windows on the north side, on the other hand, will allow for the effect of diffusing gentle sunlight into the room. You should also remember that in winter you are exposed to heat losses, therefore it is worth thinking about insulation in the form of external roller blinds. In winter they will keep heat inside the house, while in summer they will be great for keeping the temperature down on hot days.

How are energy efficient roof windows constructed?

The latest roof windows feature a design that allows for the best possible insulation. Because roof windows are very efficient at keeping heat in, they require the use of shades especially in the summer. Importantly, for a window to be considered energy efficient, the most important element, apart from the correct frame, is the pane and the way it is fitted.

The most popular models of energy-efficient windows, and also the most effective in terms of thermal insulation, are the three-pane ones, which are additionally separated by a frame made either of polymer or stainless steel. The space between the panes is filled with noble gases, which makes it possible to obtain a low heat transfer coefficient. The panes themselves are also covered with a special low-emission coating for additional efficiency. Thanks to this we not only have a great energy-saving solution, but also one that suppresses external noise.

Energy efficient windows mean:

  • saving,
  • ecology,
  • natural energy,
  • thermal insulation,
  • air conditioning on hot days,
  • good lighting of rooms,
  • noise neutralisation,
  • full comfort,

Before buying it is also worth to know about the types of energy efficient windows, in order to choose the most suitable windows for our expectations. We can choose the material of construction, size, shape and location of their installation

What to pay attention to when choosing energy efficient windows?

When choosing energy efficient windows the heat transfer coefficient Uw plays a significant role. It is important to be aware that the smaller it is, the better the windows will have better thermal insulation. Therefore for energy efficient windows Uw should not be higher than 1.0 W/m²K. Additionally for passive houses this coefficient is lower – it should not exceed 0.8 W/m²K.

It is therefore worth checking before buying whether the windows offered by the manufacturer are actually energy efficient, whether the value of the heat transfer coefficient is good for the selected model. The best quality energy efficient windows, which actually guarantee maximum effectiveness, should consist of three or even four panes

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Energy-saving windows – price

The price of a window depends on several factors:

  • the type of material,
  • the number of panes and the quality of the glass,
  • size and shape,
  • purpose of the window.

Prices of energy-efficient windows start at around 250 zł for small bathroom windows, to even approx. 650 zł in the case of room windows. In addition, the choice of color other than classic white also increases the price. In many cases it is possible to choose a wood-like finish for plastic windows. With energy-efficient roof windows you should take into account the additional cost associated with the chosen opening system (e.g. pivot, tilt and slide) and installation.

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