Devices and accessories every DIY enthusiast should have

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DIY at home can bring a lot of benefits and satisfaction, and is a great way to spend free time. However, it would not be possible without proper equipment. We suggest what equipment and accessories every DIY enthusiast should have.


The first device on our list is obviously a drill/driver. This is a piece of equipment that a true DIYer cannot do without. However, if you want a good quality device, it will be quite an expense. The best will be a cheaper model from the professional line, which costs from 500 to about 1000 zł. However, such a drill will be a good investment for years. And what model to choose? First of all, pay attention to the torque, which is the most important parameter of the drill. The higher the torque, the harder the material can be drilled

Pay attention to the rotational speed which tells us how fast the drill will be able to drill the hole. Also important is the power rating, which tells you what materials you will be able to work in. Also consider what kind of power supply you will be most comfortable with – electric or cordless. The former is mains powered, so the length of the cord can become a limitation. A cordless drill can be used anywhere, but battery life is important

Angle grinders

Another equipment worth having in your toolbox is an angle grinder. Angle grinders are multifunctional devices that will serve you for surface grinding, cutting, polishing, and also sharpening. However, when looking for the right equipment, you should pay attention to such parameters as the diameter of the handled disc, the power of the device (in the case of corded models), the maximum rotational speed of the disc, the type of spindle thread and the vibration level. It is also worth mentioning that this equipment is not extremely expensive, and you can buy a really good model for about 150 PLN


Let’s not forget about slightly smaller, but equally useful tools, which are screwdrivers, also called screwdrivers. These are accessories which should be found in every household. It is with their help that you can perform all the simplest repairs or assemblies. It is worth getting several different models. Such a diverse set will be very practical both for everyday small repairs and for hobby DIY.

Spirit level

A spirit level can also be extremely useful. It is indispensable for any finishing works of renovation or decoration. If you want to make sure that a painting on the wall or a kitchen cabinet hangs evenly, you cannot do without this tool. When choosing a spirit level, you should pay attention to laser models, which are much more accurate than the traditional ones and, moreover, will be useful for work in hard-to-reach places. This makes them ideal for various types of interiors. The cost of such a spirit level does not usually exceed PLN 20.

If you are looking for good quality equipment, be sure to visit, where you can find the devices mentioned above, as well as other items such as foundation anchors, bolts, rods and many others.

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