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How do I take a screenshot?

Jak zrobić zrzut ekranu?
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Browsing the Internet, have you found something you want to save permanently on your computer and are wondering how to do it? It’s easy! See for yourself!

How do I take a screenshot in Windows?

Display the item you’re interested in on your monitor. Next press PrtSC (PrintScreen) on your keyboard. Open any graphics program, for example Paint, and paste the image by pressing CTRL + V or by using the right mouse button Paste. Once you have done this, you will find an option in the program’s task bar (upper right corner) to save the image as a photo. You can crop them as desired in Paint

How do I take a screenshot in Windows?

If you’re using a Macbook to take a screenshot, you’ll need to use a different key combination than the ones above. You need to simultaneously press Shift +

Command + 5

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