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What is stationary heating?

montaż ogrzewania centralnego
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Stationary heating, otherwise known as central heating, is one of the most popular forms of providing heat to houses or apartments. It allows for even distribution of heat throughout the building, using only one source of heat. We advise why it is worth choosing this method of heating rooms.

Stationary heating – why is it worth it?

The answer is simple – profitability and benefits. Choosing central heating, you are choosing advantageous solution that will allow you to:

  • possibility of choosing heat source,
  • simultaneous production of domestic hot water,
  • low heating costs, if you choose the right fuel,
  • low heat losses,
  • possibility of independence – you do not have to use an external energy supplier,

However, you have to remember that every stick has two ends. Therefore, floor heating also has one disadvantage – quite high installation costs. It is worth mentioning that heating also has its own types. It is divided into floor heating: coal, fireplace and electric

Stationary heating is a comfortable and popular solution for temperature control in a building. Thanks to it you will enjoy warmth in your house even on the coldest days

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