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Controlling underfloor heating. What do you need to know?

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Floor heating is more and more often used kind of heat distribution in building industry. Its main advantage is even heat distribution in rooms, avoiding overheating and underheating zones, and long “heat release”.

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How to control the “floor”?

With today’s technological possibilities it is fabulously easy. Heating throughout the house can be controlled from your smartphone using a special application. This is a great convenience, especially when you want to manage heat economically, because you can easily reduce the temperature in rooms when you are away, e.g. based on weather observations. You can also turn off the heating while you are away, warm up the interiors a day before you return and return to a warm house. It is also worth thinking about additional separate valves/thermostats for each room, so you can freely adjust the temperature in them according to your needs

Underfloor heating is a practical solution that is worth taking into account when we plan to change the installation or decorate the house.

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